Thursday, December 29, 2011

Annie Oakley

Hiya Friends,

Guess what?? This week I gots to meet my pal Annie Oakley, a basset hound, and her Ma.

Up to now, we had just been friends through the Bratpack (I'll explain what that is in a later post), and she was kinda like a penpal, and one of my bestest penpals. She's a a writer too, and has a kewl blog:, which ya just gotta check out.

So I was so excited when we finally got to MEET!!

Beautiful day at the beeeach. 

We were running late to meet Annie, and we had parked hecka far away. 

I think I smells another basset hound.... Annie, is that you???

...Oh Annie... it IS you!!...
(we had to sniff noses to make sure)

Ms. Annie O & her Ma are very special to me. Annie's my Bratpack friend, and sadly, we just lost 2 Bratpack members less than a week ago; they were our friends : (  I will write about them soon in another post.

So we took a moment to remember our 2 pals:

In our Bratpack (the only requirement is to be a bratty basset hound and do bratty things, so I more than qualify), Annie is my pal Boomah's girlfriend : ) 

She is very pretty... see?
Annie has slightly wavy hair and a lovely smile.
Her coat is very, very soft.
Annie is very sweet. She is one of the sweetest basset gals I have ever met. Her Ma is kewl too, and takes great care of Annie. Annie gets probiotics, which I will probably start soon, too.

This is one of Ms. Annie's favorite places to sit, right between her Ma's feet. 
Me, being a brat, bugged her to "get out from under there!" and run around with me.

I got her to come out & play a few times. 

A lot of dawgs were out that day too.

I love to run & play chase!! And bark, bark, bark!

Then I get pooped and have to rest. 

Resting in the sunshine.

Annie is very social. Here she is meeting a German Shepherd.

All of us running around. 

Annie has a beautiful nose, do you see what I mean? 

Annie again : )

Me running, to get some treats from my person : )

Annie looking cute for the camera.

She has nice ears.
(This is a report for my pal Boomah, who is her basset boyfriend).

Playing with a silly Vizsla who is carrying his own water bottle.

It was a great day for me. Now I do gotta confess: I barks a lot, bark bark bark, when I play, even though I am pretty quiet at home. I think I mighta scared Ms. Annie with all my barking sometimes. My person says I wasn't minding my manners. When I scared her, she hid between her Ma's feet. Hmmm, I have to work on my manners.

We said goodbye, and I was soooo tired afterwards. Alls I did was sleep for the rest of that day and night. I do hope to play with Ms. Annie again.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, friends!! I hope this message finds you well and that you are enjoying a good celebration with your family and close friends. I will write more about my Christmas experience, as we are a bit busy today, and haven't had Christmas dinner or opened gifts yet.... that will be for tonight!

I keep hearing about "Santa Paws," and I *think* that's the guy behind me wearing the funny red hat.

Uh oh, now I'm stuck wearing a funny red hat, too! yikes!

Merry Christmas again to all, and to all a good night!!!!

                                                   With love and good cheer,

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Santa...

Hi Everyone,

Whew! We are deep into the holidays now, aren't we? How is everyone doing, are you surviving the holidays so far?

Well, there is one thing I wanted to do, which was to support Macy's pledge in giving to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, because that foundation is very kewl. Have you heard of it? It tries to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening or terminal illnesses. I have heard several kewl stories about the types of wishes they have granted. Here's their website:

I am a rein-dog. Look at the silly thing on my head that my person has me wear.  It is Rudolph with a red nose in the middle of my forehead.
For every STAMPED letter that Macy's receives in their Letterbox, located in their stores, they will donate $1, and up to $1,000,000 to the foundation! Wow, that is quite generous, methinks. Here are their websites that explain. It's quite an artsy and beautiful site to look at, so have fun with it:

Here is my "Dear Santa..." letter

Here I am writing my letter inside the Macy's store. 

SO, friends, I went to Macy's and wrote, stamped (ummm, we forgot about the stamp the first time, so had to come back), and mailed off my letter to Santa! And I encourage everyone else to do the same! Because I'm looking at their site and it says they have received 864,000 letters as of today. That means they could use more letters! Come on, everyone, write some letters! Let's make it a million letters, ok? Wouldn't that be great?

Here is the mailbox inside the store that you put the letters in.  Don't forget to bring a stamp  and put it on your letter! (we forgot the first time)

Another reason I love Macy's is because I'm allowed to go in it when my person shops!!! That is SO great. We must tell them that is a wonderful thing & that they should allow more of their stores to do this. It allows me to go with my person when she shops. Now, on the other hand, I must admit I'm not the fondest of shopping; you know, because I'm a boy and boys don't like to shop that much. BUT... I DO like to go where my person goes!

Last week, I went with my person & my Auntie M (Melinda) to Macy's. I wrote my letter & helped them shop too. It's a long story, but I have had a case of the "skinnies" and being under the weather. I wasn't allowed to go to the dog park anymore, so shopping allowed me to be more low key but still be able to get out, so that was good.

Shopping at Macy's

Doing my rounds and finishing my inspections

You know, boys just do NOT like to shop. I needed to lie down after awhile. 
I'm curious to know how your Christmas shopping is coming along?
                                                With good cheer, Worm

Monday, December 5, 2011

I Get Love From... #2: my 3 Auntie M's

Hi Friends,

I want to introduce you to my 3, yes that is THREE, Auntie M's. That's a lot, isn't it? Almost fits on one paw. They are kewl peeples who watches over me and gives me luvs & treeeats.

(1) The first Auntie M. allows me to live with her, and I wrote about her in my first "I Get Love From.." post. It was one of my first posts on this blog, in case you want to read more about her. She makes me very happy because she is so nice to me. She plays with me alls the time. I likes to run over and jump on her bed. She tolerates it even though my basset hair gets all over her sheets (well actually, she has a sheet that's just for me). I also like to bring my toys, one by one, to her room and create a toy stash! it is fun. Auntie M. shares her food and meals with me a lot, and that is one of the top reasons I luvs my Auntie M!

She also plays with me when I have to be in my crate, and she even takes me out for piddles outside, like today, when my person can't. She is so nice, mewishes you could all meet her.

Here's a reminder of my Auntie M. & me:

(2) My second Auntie M is Auntie Melinda. She spotted me waiting in front of the grocery store. She was sad, sad because she was about to lose her basset hound Nibbles : ( Nibbles went to the Rainbow Bridge soon after, earlier this year. And Auntie Melinda often tells me "Nibbles sent you to look after me." Because I was a bouncy energetic boy, who has lots to say when I play, and I do the silliest things, I took her mind off of losing Nibbles & I can make her smile and laugh, even through the hard times.

She shares a lot of basset wisdom with us, like lending us "The Basset Hound Owner's Survival Guide." I'm my person's first basset hound, ya know.

Auntie Melinda showers me & spoils me with lots of gifts, toys, treats (only healthy ones-- actually, it's mainly carrots most of the time), hugs, kisses, & lotsa affection. She is very, very nice to me and I love her!
She gave me a singing birfday cake & a backpack full of goodies for my birfday this year. 

Feeding us basset hounds on the beeeach. 

She has treeeats wherever we go!!

(3) My 3rd Auntie M is Auntie Em. I visits her about once every week or two, and she is very, very patient with me. Even tho I barks a lots & makes lotsa noise. She says I have a nice baritone voice. She is lotsa fun!

Auntie Em took this picture of me, which we love. We made it "artsy" for my gift bags at my birfday partee.

Getting a hug from Auntie Em.

Auntie Em is very kewl & very talented too! Here is her website if you want to learn more:

So friends, those are the 3 Auntie M's in my life! They are all very special peeples to me, and I loves them a lot. I'll probably talk about my Auntie M's here on my blog, so I wanted you to know who they are.
                                                 Your friend,

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Friends,

I want to wish everyone a happy and meaningful Thanksgiving this year!!

I am thankful for, well... having so many things to be thankful for! I don't even know where to begin. I wouldn't even be able to write all about it here, there's just too much.

I'm in a pumpkin patch here:

So #1, I'm really thankful for pumpkins, because they are yummy to chew on:

#2: I am thankful for a nice bed to sleep on and my person and the peeples around me who gives me lotsa food and attention.
#3: I am thankful for my 3 Auntie M's, who all take care of me so much and so well! I will do a post on them in the near future.
#4. I am thankful for all my friends, near & far, who are so good to me.
#5. I'm also thankful for my girlfriend, Paisley, a basset hound in Canada. She is kewl! I will tell you all about her in a future blog, too.
#6. Other random things I'm thankful for, they are mainly food items: chicken, beef, treeeats, peanut butter, watermelon, carrots... yummers!

I'm also thankful for my blog readers here! This has been fun & I've only been doing it about half a year so far.

I hope everyone has a safe Thanksgiving and that you get to spend the day and weekend with your family and friends.

Monday, November 21, 2011


"FAME...I'm gonna live forever...." la-la-la...

Guess what, friends??
OK, you might never guess, so I'll tell you...

I got famous recently!

I was named a famous basset hound on my pal Rosco's blog "Jowls of Fury." Every Friday, he has something called "Famous Basset Hound Friday," and he features one basset hound. Couple weeks ago, that was me, me, me! Here is a link to the post:

 Do I look like a moviestar yet or like I can be in 'picture shows?'

...ok, my person just told me, "Don't get a big head, Worm. Your big basset head is big enough."

OK fine. My pal Molly McFrecks was also recently a Famous Basset Hound, too. And let me tell you all about "Jowls of Fury." It is written by my pal Rosco Puppyman (hey, thanks man!), but actually, his whole family blogs on the site. Here's an intro to their household. Scroll down and read their "First Post:"

Since then, they got another basset hound named Breezy. Layla is also a nice gal, too, and she wears lotsa kewl outfits. The cats do NOT like the dogs, and they blog about.  It is funny to hear their gripes.

Check out "Jowls of Fury," I love reading it myself!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Special Delivery

Hi Friends,

Wow, I received something really kewl in the mail recently...

This is the first package I ever received in my WHOLE life, so it was very exciting for me. Do I look excited? (Haha. Well, us bassets are ironic sometimes.)

With all the 'duck tape' I couldn't open it very easily, so my person had to help me. At last, it opened & all the wonderful smells came out!

It contained treats, treats, & more treats!!

Wow! From where would I get such a heavenly package?

From a stork? From Santa Claus? (not quite yet, Worm, I'm told.) Well, it is actually from my basset pal Henry & his Mum, all the way from Arkansas!! It was a present from them! It was such a surprise & made my day, actually it made my whole week!

I was soooo happy! There was dried chicken, lots & lotsa training treeeats, doggie bacon, T-bone treats, and more!

Here is a pic of my kewl friend Henry, and an action shot too. We have some things in common, like similar body types, and we're about the same age:

Thank you Henry & Henry's Mum!!! Meloves ALL of it!

His Mum is from the UK, so we sent Henry some marmite & Cadbury digestive biscuits. And although we were short on treats, we have lotsa toys, so we gave him some toys. We are now penpals! It's kewl & fun, I highly recommend getting a penpal : ) That's my thought of the day.

Fun times,
            your Worm