Thursday, December 29, 2011

Annie Oakley

Hiya Friends,

Guess what?? This week I gots to meet my pal Annie Oakley, a basset hound, and her Ma.

Up to now, we had just been friends through the Bratpack (I'll explain what that is in a later post), and she was kinda like a penpal, and one of my bestest penpals. She's a a writer too, and has a kewl blog:, which ya just gotta check out.

So I was so excited when we finally got to MEET!!

Beautiful day at the beeeach. 

We were running late to meet Annie, and we had parked hecka far away. 

I think I smells another basset hound.... Annie, is that you???

...Oh Annie... it IS you!!...
(we had to sniff noses to make sure)

Ms. Annie O & her Ma are very special to me. Annie's my Bratpack friend, and sadly, we just lost 2 Bratpack members less than a week ago; they were our friends : (  I will write about them soon in another post.

So we took a moment to remember our 2 pals:

In our Bratpack (the only requirement is to be a bratty basset hound and do bratty things, so I more than qualify), Annie is my pal Boomah's girlfriend : ) 

She is very pretty... see?
Annie has slightly wavy hair and a lovely smile.
Her coat is very, very soft.
Annie is very sweet. She is one of the sweetest basset gals I have ever met. Her Ma is kewl too, and takes great care of Annie. Annie gets probiotics, which I will probably start soon, too.

This is one of Ms. Annie's favorite places to sit, right between her Ma's feet. 
Me, being a brat, bugged her to "get out from under there!" and run around with me.

I got her to come out & play a few times. 

A lot of dawgs were out that day too.

I love to run & play chase!! And bark, bark, bark!

Then I get pooped and have to rest. 

Resting in the sunshine.

Annie is very social. Here she is meeting a German Shepherd.

All of us running around. 

Annie has a beautiful nose, do you see what I mean? 

Annie again : )

Me running, to get some treats from my person : )

Annie looking cute for the camera.

She has nice ears.
(This is a report for my pal Boomah, who is her basset boyfriend).

Playing with a silly Vizsla who is carrying his own water bottle.

It was a great day for me. Now I do gotta confess: I barks a lot, bark bark bark, when I play, even though I am pretty quiet at home. I think I mighta scared Ms. Annie with all my barking sometimes. My person says I wasn't minding my manners. When I scared her, she hid between her Ma's feet. Hmmm, I have to work on my manners.

We said goodbye, and I was soooo tired afterwards. Alls I did was sleep for the rest of that day and night. I do hope to play with Ms. Annie again.


  1. Worm, thank ya for the first hand account of your meeting with my girlfriend! I'm glad you got to meet, and I hope someday I can meet both of you! (I just KNEW she had pretty ears!)

    Momma said I would like the beach, lots of room to play and dig.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day with Annie. Too bad she's taken. LOL!

  3. Wormie! Great post! And tell your human that she took some pics also! We had sooooooo much fun and feel very lucky to have finally met you guys. Looking forward to many years of BratPack meetings in our future :) Annie O.

  4. Lovely blog with lots of pictures Worm. Looks like a beautiful beach. Glad ya'll were able to meet. Miss you and your person and see you soon!
    xoxo, Marla

  5. Hi my friend -- I just realized I can post to here --- took me long enuf

  6. Thanks, everyone! The beeeach was lotsa fun, and Boomah, I bets you'd like it too. Yay, I hope for more Bratpack meetings in the future!

    Haha Bassetmomma, yeah Annie's taken, but it's ok cuz I has a gal of my own!

  7. How COOL that you guys got to meet!

    Stop on by for a visit

  8. Thanks!

    Paisley, that is great news! would love to hear your comments.