Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy Howl-oweens!!

Happy Howl-oweens, Everybuddy!!!

Hello Friends, it has been a long while and look, 2015 is almost disappearing and we haven't written all year long! Oh geez, well I'm gonna try to put a few entries in before it disappears entirely, as it has been an exciting year.

For now though, I had meant to wish everyone a super Howl-oweens. This year I went to my Auntie Gail's house. She has super kewl dawg parties, one time it wuz for St. Paddy's Day and this time it wuz for Howl-oweens. I got to see many of my buddies there and we begged and we begged for food from the hooouman buffet of yummy food (and got some!).

Friend Heidi, a Bernese Mountain Dawg
 Auntie Gail used to have my pal Tara, but Tara has left us for the Rainbow Bridge (she passed away). But now Auntie Gail has a new puppy, a rescue named Happy, and he is very... happy!! He is full of bouncy energy. I guess I might be getting kinda old cuz I don't quite relate with bouncy energy all the time these days. I more like to sniff the perimeters of things and lay low. Here are some pics of my pals. Too bad I don't have a pic of Happy and Auntie Gail, but hope to include one in a future post.

Friend Bunny, a Welsh Corgi

Anyways, the peeples are partee animalz and went to 3 partees that day. They wuz Star Warz, so I became Star Warz too. They said I'm a "Chewbasset." I guess I'm supposed to be Chewbacca from Star Warz. Well I liked my costume this year cuz I looked scarrry and fierce and like I would chew someone's hand off! Even though of course I won't.

Well, we cannot wait for the new Star Warz movie to come out in December!!!

Cheers, Worm