Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hello Everyone,

The BIG DAY is here and boy am I excited!! I even woke up early today which did not a happy person make.

I been wearing around my tee shirt for 2 weeks straight now. It's smelly and dirty, but that's how melikes it!

Can't believe that our team the 49er's are INside the SuperFoodBowl this year! It will be messy in there with all the food inside the big bowl. And they have to scramble against the Baltimore Ravens to retrieve the football from all the food inside. And whoever comes out wins.

I guess one of the big stories is about the 2 bro's: Jim and John Harbaugh the coaches, which is pretty kewl if you ask me. I guess they will be standing on the edge of the bowl looking down into it and telling their teams where the football is and how to get it.

We are going to our neighbor's house today. We are bringing some Wingstop chicken wings. My Uncle Ted is making ribs. My Aunt Judy will be making guacamole and dip. My Aunt Hiroko will be making dessert and salad, from what I understand. And I'll be watching SuperFoodBowl with my doggie pals Lang, a golden retriever, and Roxy, a red golden retriever.

Woohooo!! Can't wait, esp to see all those commercials...!! Sending extra drool to my San Francisco 49er's team today!