Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas!!

Hello Family & Friends,

I'm wishing everyone a Happy Christmas or Happy Howlidays or whatever ya celebrates!!

Mrs. Houndmomma from Chicago made this Christmas greeting for me-- it is kewl! Thanks!!
Me (left) & my pal Mr. Bo Jangles (right) sitting for a pic earlier this season w/Santa Paws... except his head is cut off here, yikes!

There he is!! He wuz a nice Santa Paws and it wuz nice to see him in California before he made his way to the North Pole. 

So, how has everyone's holiday season been going? I wish you an abundance of good times with family and close friends this year. And I am thinking of those who are going thru difficult times, as I realize the holidays are not always happy for everyone.

I like the holidays because although it is very bizzy and hectic leading up to Christmas (hence no blog posts in awhile!), the actual days of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are nice days to lay around chill-axin'.

Here I am chill-axin' in my Christmas pj's on Christmas Day... or as my British pals say, I'm in my "Christmas jumper." I learned that recently!

This year, I made the annual trip to my Grand-Paws and Grand-Maws. It has been a nice trip so far. First a looooong car ride, and then we arrives. And I gets to see my Uncle B and Auntie Z down there too! Meloves them and gets so excited and waggy-tailed to see everyone.

We took a Christmas Eve stroll thru Old Town Pasadena... all the dawgs I met were wearing clothes like me, must be an LA thing. Even a pit bull I met wuz wearing one lol!

I ran into a fuzzy reindeer, chill-axin' on a bench!
...and an extra LARGE person that I barked at!
This wuz a kewl find: Three Dog Bakery, which makes a lot of kewl baked goods for dawgs like me. They gave me a free pupcake!! We like their "everything natural" philosophy!

I've GOT to try these, dontcha thinks? My person said not today Worm, but that we will be back soon to try one.
 We LOVES the Ritz!! We will blog about that in a separate post soon. But will say briefly that we went to their Christmas dawg partee. Everyone is so nice there! They luvs us dawgs. They gives us treeeats and pictures with Santa and everything. And best of all, the proceeds benefit the Peninsula Humane Society! Here are some pics from that:

It sure is beautiful at nights, isn't it?

All the clever & creative arrangements of dawg treeeats.... for dawgs like me!! yummers!

I usually loves to drink this... but it wuz too cold so I wasn't thirsty.

In my Christmas outfit.

In front of their Christmas tree.
OK wow that wuz a long post!! I had so much to share.

Well mehopes ya has a wonderful howliday... Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!