Sunday, October 27, 2013

Re-entering the Blogosphere!!

Hi Everybuddy!!

It's me, Worm!! HELLLOOOOO!!!

Oh gosh I have not written an entry in a loooong time. Not since Easter this year, apparently. Where has I been? Well, I've gone thru some health stuff (I hurt my arm), so I have been rehabbing the past coupla months.

And before that, I guess I was doing different things:
I wuz snoozin' a lot

I tried to help my person do laundry, but I fell asleep though.
I played on the beeeach with my buddies.
Well, that last one got me in trubble this summer, as I'll soon tell you the tale of my ails.

But anyway, for now, I just want to say a big 'hello!' and that I've missed everyone. I have lots to write about, to catch you up on adventures from this year.

                                                   I will write again very soon,

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bunnies and Bonnets Easter Parade

Hi Everyone!!

Hope ya had a good Easter weekend. Mine was full of activity, and on Saturday, there was the annual "Bunnies and Bonnets" Parade in downtown Campbell.

Golden Gate Basset Rescue is in it, so I marches with all my basset hound buddies. We went last year and it was so beautiful and fun! This year, I brought along my new pal Mr. Bo and his person, my Auntie Melinda, who rescued him last September.

There were around 30 basset hounds in all; it was a great group and we all had fun marching down the blocks and saying 'hi' to lotsa kids sitting on the sidewalk. They seem to like to pet us and we are about their height. I wuz good this year and I didn't steal any food from them. The weather was lovely, methinks rain was in the forecast, BUT it didn't end up raining on our parade! Instead it was overcast the whole time, which is a lot nicer to be in when you're a basset hound. I remember the sunny parades, and those can be hard on us 'cuz we have a tendency to overheat!

This is a FANCY parade where a lot of bassets come dressed up. (Last year I just wore my 49er's shirt, I learned my lesson!). This year, my Auntie Melinda had given me this nice black sweater for Christmas, and she also has one for Mr. Bo. So Mr. Bo and I dressed up in our sweaters and bowler hats. We were trying to look gentlemanly, I dunno if we succeeded?

This is my pal Mr. Bo.

Here we are trying to pose: Bo is very happy but I'm giving my 'evil eyes' look.

Here we are in our matching outfits.

We sure are double trubble!!

 Big thanks to GGBR, the basset rescue, Auntie Gwen, Addy, and Lina, and others for organizing this fun event! Sorry my pal Daisy and her person Carol couldn't make it : ( We had a nice lunch afterwards at the Sonoma Chicken Coop, where I fell asleep at the table. Then it was off to Agility practice for me!

Well, that is my report. Lotsa pictures to follow from the parade. I loved all the outfits and costumes that my fellow bassets wore!

Love this tongue picture.

Prepping for the parade.

What lovely flowers on a lovely houndie.

Saying 'hi' to my buddy!

More meeting and greeting...

Nice bassets.


A flat basset... and the parade hasn't even started yet!

Ms. Madden, winking at us. She had glaucoma and that is why she is always winking! She's a good girl.

Ms. Sasha, she is lotsa trubble too, like me and Bo! We got good tongue shots today...

Sweet Ms. Teddi and her pink bunny ears.

Ms. Madden getting pets from a girl. Do you like her bone-shaped marking?

Looking a little unsure of all this, but she definitely has the bonnet thing going!

Another wink from Ms. Madden.

The three Dossey gals: Ms. Teddi, Ms. Madden, and Ms. Sasha.

This is little Ms. Jess. She is doing very well after recovering from mast cell tumor treatment.

What a wonderful vest his person made for him!

By the end of the parade, I wuz tired and had to lie on the sidewalk a bit.

Becuz it was Easter, I got to eat an egg when I got home.

Yummy! an entire egg just for me.

Hope to do it all again next year,

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter is coming!!

Hello Family & Friends,

I am all ready, can you tell:

Me as the Easter Bunny
Easter is going to be here very soon. It wuz also a Good Friday today. We have lots going on this weekend!

It kicked off with Easter Yappy Hour at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay. That was a very fun event! It is a fundraiser for the Peninsula SPCA. There was an Easter Egg hunt contest. Though I didn't find the "Golden Egg," I still had lotsa fun. The 'eggs' were Easter Egg cookies and I et 3 of them! My person got mad at me when I et the 3rd one and then I just couldn't help myself... I et the wrapper too!!! it wuz just too YUMMY!

Well, I did et so many treeats that when I went home, I tried to et dinner, but then I barfed everything up. Yikes! Well, I think it wuz worth it tho cuz everything I et wuz delishus!

I wuz dressed as a cottontail bunny, and I had ears and a cottontail. Here are some pictures:

Top view of my outfit

Me looks like a sad l'il bunny here

Making LOTSA NOISE at the Ritz-Carlton!! I want everyone to hear me!!

On a mission here... I smell a bunny....

These were the Easter Egg cookies for the dawgs-- aren't they fabulous?
Eating the YUMMY cookie! So good and tasty I had to close my eyes!

Being a busy little bunny again...

My friend Mr. Bo came with my Auntie Melinda. And there is Bizmark the dachshund in the back.

Look at this wonderful spread!
Isn't the Fire Hydrant the perfect centerpiece for such a party?
So friends, do you have any plans for this weekend? I am going to the Bunnies & Bonnets Parade tomorrow and will have to tell you more about that. Then it's off to Easter Brunch on Sunday with some of my doggie pals. I am a busy boy!

Hope you have a good Easter weekend!!!


Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Paddy's Day

Hello Everyone,

Did you wear green on Sunday? It was St. Paddy's Day! That is always a fun day to celebrate. I wore green too, see? 
My silly green hat-- it has feathers on it!

My silly green antennae with my airplane ears.

My bow tie.

Me mugging for a shot...

Another view: a distinguished basset with funny things sticking out of my head.

Today I went to Feel Trials so we are very tired from that! I will write a post on that soon. And then we went to a St. Paddy's Day tea, hosted by my pal Tara and her Irish person Gail. I got to see all my pals and sniffs out Tara's backyard, which had lots of great sniffs in it. Thank you Tara for inviting us! Tara just turned 13 1/2 years old and she is still going strong : )  

This is Tara.

All in all, it was a good day full of adventure! Hope you had a good St. Paddy's Day too.