Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well, we are recovering from my birfday partee. As such, we are in disarray. My person is eating something called "Spaghetti-O's" for dinner, which she usually never eats. She gave me a meatball when she was near the end of the can. Yum. I'm in heaven.

I had a great birfday partee this weekend and can't wait to tell u more about it. I will try to wait until I have some pics to show u.

In the meantime, I highly recommend trying this stuff called "Spaghetti-O's." Melikes.
                                                          --your pal, Worm

Friday, July 22, 2011

Party Time!

Party time, y'all!!

Howd'ya like my party pic? It captures the festivities that are coming right around the corner...

My Aunt K, boy she has got skillz! She made this pic for me and made a bunch of "artsy" pics from a group of pics I had. My Auntie Em took this pic (see Blogpost #2-- that's the original), and Auntie K "artsified" it, apparently with this thing called a "computah." Thanks, Auntie K!

Anyways, I have a few more that I'll share with you here slowly-- don't want to shock you all at once!

Well, my REAL bday was earlier this week, and I told my virtual basset frenz about it. Here's the recap:

(Warning, not for the faint of heart!)
i started off the morning puking my breakfast up. yep, whole kibbles and everything. my person says she remembers the thread saying that some bassets get to eat the food they throw up  but she looked at it and just couldn't get herself to do it. it was too gross looking. Yep, a Happy Barfday to me. what a way to start. 

hmpf. so i was hungry the rest of the day. but later, my person made it up to me by giving me halfa steak for dinner. yummy. that has NEVER happened before. say, can we do this birfday thing every month, i wonder???

the doggie park people were nice that night and sang 'happy birfday' to me. Auntie Melinda brought small bottles of Martinelli's to celebrate. there was a brand new picnic table that Uncle Ted MADE..! i jumped right up onto it and sat on the tabletop. i got in trubble for that. but hey! that's where all the treats are. besides, I was told that ya get to do whatever you want when it's your BIRFDAY!!

Yeah, I really will look into making this 'birfday' thing a monthly endeavor, methinks.

Fast forward to today and I am living in Party Central!! party stuff everywhere. Here's a sneak preview: there is a 101 dalmatian pinata that is 3x the size of me. ummm.. i think i fit INSIDE of it... scary!

Friday, we are working on party stuff all day. whew! exhausting putting on a parteeee... ok, i better get some rest now.
                               --Peace out pals,

ps. I got my nails grinded today at Petsmart-- my person said, 'We better get that taken care of before your parteee, Worm"-- and the lady said, "He looks like a worm squiggling around!" Haha, who woulda thunk it??? I guess my name fits me...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday Plans

Guess what??? my birthday is coming up. Now, I've never had one before, so I dunno exackly what it's gonna be like. but my person says we'll have a parteee. yay! that sounds nice. I think i been to one of those before. at least we have those in our home sometimes and they are fun with lotsa peeples who pet me and gimme more food than i usually get.

Well, i made lotsa nice doggie frenz this year so far from different places, including: playing at the field down the street, "doggie park" frenz; in school at my puppy classes and puppy playgroup; my basset hound group; and the dawgs who live in the apt complex with me. so... actually, that is a lot of dawgs and peeples. it's turning into a big parteee. yikes! my person says, 'that means a lot of planning.'

so, we been workin' on the games part, and these are the games we have so far. Junior Olympics is for the younger dogs like myself. Senior Olympics is for the older dogs and/or for their older owners...

Relay race (person + dog running in teams)
Running contest (fastest time)
Retrieving contest (fastest time)
Frisbee contest or Sniffing contest or Limbo
Egg in spoon contest
Agility Obstacle Course contest

Sitting contest
Laying contest
Fetching contest

Scavenger hunt
Musical Chairs

Howling contest

Wowsahs! i am looking forward to it and i'm already starting to have doggie dreams about it. esp running in my sleep when i imagine being in the running contest. i can't wait!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Get Love From... #1

An awesome photographer took this pic, but more on Auntie Em later...!

OK. I thought I'd start with posts telling you all the people and dawgs I love and am loved by...

First, my PERSON.

Me refusing to get into the swimming pool during the Basset Games.  Swimming is not my strength. Well, actually, I never done it before, so I dunno. 

ok, she says she's not my momma, because I already have a 4-legged Momma. That is true. I love my Momma a lot and I look a lot like her (more than my Poppa). Back to my person... she is with me ALLL the time. We go for a lot of car rides and excursions and puppy stuff. Sometimes she kisses me too much tho. Hey, I'm a boy. Boys aren't into stuff like that, can you blame meeeee?


Second is my Auntie M. Oh yes, my Auntie M. loves me a LOT. And I quote, "he's been an ornery little fella today." That's the report she gave my person. Can you believe she said that about me, innocent me??? Hmmm. Alright, upon further reflection, maybe I wasn't so innocent. I tore up Auntie M.'s mail on Sunday. And when she took me out to potty, I flat-basseted all the way down the hall and refused to move. Hmmm. Ornery, yeah, I guess that could describe me, tho I don't like to think of myself that way.

Here is a pic of us having fun. That's my basset head making an appearance at the table. There's all these interesting things to look at on the table, who could blame me?

Auntie M. is very, very nice to me. She leaves me treats in my food bowl. That's why I'm always checking my food bowl throughout the day. Never know what you'll find! She has introduced me to brussel sprouts, kumquats, grapefruit, almonds... yum yum. I et them all. She gives me ice cubes to cool me off on hot days, like this weekend.

So yeah, those are the peeps in my household. They are friends from work. They are my roommates-- I'm the 3rd roommate here. Lucky me. More people to dote on me. **like**

Friday, July 1, 2011


I am SO excited! Today is the first day of my blog. 1st of July (my favorite month... because it's my birthday month) seems like a good day for new beginnings.

I'm excited you can join me here. I have so much to share about my life so far (in my one year of life), and to share my adventures with you as I go along my life. Welcome, friends!!

A big shout out to all my pals who helped me create this blog. I knew nothing, big fat zero, about blogs, much less how to make them. These are the people and doggies I wanna thank: Annie O., Molly McFrecks, Bernie, Woody, Rosco's Dad, and Jana... y'all are the best...! Ya helped launch me into the blogosphere!

2 upcoming events I am SUPER excited about:

1. Golden Gate Basset Rescue Waddle 2011 on the 4th of July. I'm trying to convince my person to take me to the annual Basset Waddle. It's far away and gonna be hot, hot, hot. But so fun because there are, like, 100 basset hounds there or so.

2. My First Birthday: it's coming up and my person says we'll have a party. I made lotsa nice doggie friends this year, and so we will be inviting them (and their people). So I'll keep ya posted on these events.

Launch Day is lotsa fun-- I wonder how I'll get to celebrate???