Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cabin Fever

Hi Pals,

I got cabin fever! I got cabin fever!!

Hangin' out at home with my stuffed doggie and sick-O person.
 My person got sick-O, and that's with a capital O at the end there, as in O MY! I tries to be a good boy and realize she needs 'rest.' I even did good today and slept in an extra hour, well perhaps that had to do with this thing called the 'time change,' STILL she gave me credit for being an OH GOOD boy today!

I slepts with her all morning and most of the afternoon, till about 3pm, when I couldn't stand it anymore. She was too sick to work today. During all that time, I just bothered her twice for breakfast and potty, and I rang my bells (I have bells on the doors to let them know when I need to go out)  ever so gently to let her know, 'hey I really gotta pee now.' We went for super short walks, just long enuf for 'business.' I tried to convince her to walk me just a little longer but she said no. OK then, so I wuz a good boy and went back inside with her. Then I helped her eat her chicken noodle soup, too, cuz these peeples need all the help they can gets sometimes.

Lemme tell you, it's not easy being the dawg of a sick person!! Have you done that before? How do you deal with it? Do you have to 'take care' of your peeples like I did today? Please do share your tips with me.

So there I am being a good snuggle pet sleeping next to her when all of a sudden she lets out an "A-CHOO!!!" and scares me half to death. Or her nose is stuffed up and she tries to blow it and I never heard the sound before and it wakes me up too. Oy. And all this coughing and hacking and throat clearing. Eck. Not to mention that her nose and mouth smells funny so I been sniffing it a lot going... what's that funny smell? What's this stuff coming out of them? .... and they think I'M the DIRTY AND SMELLY ONE???? hehehe, peeples r funny sometimes.

By 3pm I had to put my paws down and say I knows you sick and everything, but I am not sick & I really need to get OUT today for some EXERCISE. Or else if I don't burn my daily energy, I will have trubble sleeping tonight and have too much energy at night, and neither you nor I want that, right?

She finally listened to my voice of reason and we went to the park so I could play with my pals. My nice Auntie Melinda watched me while I was there so my person could go to the store and get some cough medicine and foodstuffs. That was nice of her.

I don't know what the rest of the week holds, and I hear tomorrow might be like today. Hmmmm. I guess we'll just hafta see.

Sending y'all good wishes this cold season. To not catch colds or the flu, and if you do, that they not last too long. And for all the dawggie pals that have to take care of the sick peeples like this!! that is quite a job, if you ask me.
                                              --Worm, the Basset Hound

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just a regular day

Here I am working on my blog... with flash:

Now.... without flash. Hmmm... do I look bettah with flash or without? That is the question...

Just an ordinary day... reading catalogs and the mail that comes in. OK I'll confess that I eat them too, but only sometimes.

...And my favorite activity, staying cozy and chill'axin'... and catching some zzzz's.....

I have nothing to complain about. I hope everyone gets days like this, too, once in awhile.