Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy Howl-oweens!!

Happy Howl-oweens, Everybuddy!!!

Hello Friends, it has been a long while and look, 2015 is almost disappearing and we haven't written all year long! Oh geez, well I'm gonna try to put a few entries in before it disappears entirely, as it has been an exciting year.

For now though, I had meant to wish everyone a super Howl-oweens. This year I went to my Auntie Gail's house. She has super kewl dawg parties, one time it wuz for St. Paddy's Day and this time it wuz for Howl-oweens. I got to see many of my buddies there and we begged and we begged for food from the hooouman buffet of yummy food (and got some!).

Friend Heidi, a Bernese Mountain Dawg
 Auntie Gail used to have my pal Tara, but Tara has left us for the Rainbow Bridge (she passed away). But now Auntie Gail has a new puppy, a rescue named Happy, and he is very... happy!! He is full of bouncy energy. I guess I might be getting kinda old cuz I don't quite relate with bouncy energy all the time these days. I more like to sniff the perimeters of things and lay low. Here are some pics of my pals. Too bad I don't have a pic of Happy and Auntie Gail, but hope to include one in a future post.

Friend Bunny, a Welsh Corgi

Anyways, the peeples are partee animalz and went to 3 partees that day. They wuz Star Warz, so I became Star Warz too. They said I'm a "Chewbasset." I guess I'm supposed to be Chewbacca from Star Warz. Well I liked my costume this year cuz I looked scarrry and fierce and like I would chew someone's hand off! Even though of course I won't.

Well, we cannot wait for the new Star Warz movie to come out in December!!!

Cheers, Worm

Sunday, July 13, 2014

1 Month Old Sisters

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would post an update about my new sisters. The latest pictures are from when they are a month old, they are more like 6 weeks old right now. We will have to take updated pictures and maybe even a video!

Well, they graduated out of their box, and now they live in birdcages. I will do another post on that. First their names were April, May, & June. Then we got additional input from friends, and they are called April, Apple, & Amelia, and the months are now their middle names.


Baby April

Now April has these cool leopard spots

April now in an awkward stage.
April: April is an "Easter Egger" type of chicken, or what I'd call a chicken mutt. They don't have a specific breed. But they are popular because of the color eggs they lay; we were told that April could lay blue, green, or rose colored eggs! We will have to find out in about 6 months. April is definitely an alpha kind of gal. She likes to be boss. She is pretty wild and adventurous. As she gets older though, she starts to get a little flighty, and not as relaxed as the other two.

Baby Apple doing what we call "chicken yoga"

Close-up of Apple and her new comb coming in. 

Apple is in front and Amelia is behind her. They are the same type/breed of chicken.
Apple June: She goes by "Apple." She is the largest of the bunch! At first she was a little flighty and not as trusting and easy to handle. But as time has gone by, she is growing up to be more and more calm, which we like a lot. She is a nice gal. She is a "Welsummers" breed of chicken, and will grow up to be a lovely brown chicken. A fun fact: Cornelius, the chicken on the box of Kellogg's Cornflakes, is a handsome Welsummers rooster. Welsummers hens lay dark chocolate brown eggs. However, sometimes they turn out lighter, so we will see. Also, sometimes the eggs are speckled! I sure hope so!

Baby Amelia and me

Amelia on the person's hand

Front view of Amelia
Amelia May: Amelia is the runt of the group, the smallest from day one. However, she has been catching up in size to the other two, which is good. She is also a Welsummers chicken and should also lay a dark brown egg. My Auntie M handled her a lot when she was a baby, so she has always been the calmest and friendliest and seems to like interactions with humans the most. She is very cute. I let her stand on me sometimes.

Chickens continue to be amooousing. However, as they have grown up, they are getting flappier and that scares me a bit sometimes. I don't know what I think sometimes. Sometimes I retreat to the back of the house when they are being too obnoxious and flappy.

Well, that is the update here. I am training for my Agility Trial this weekend, and will let you know how that goes!


Friday, June 27, 2014

Mr. Frankenstein

You might be wondrin' why I got this bandana on my head...

Well, 6 months ago, I got this flat round disk growing on my forehead. It wuz fine.

Then all of a sudden, it grew and grew.

I wuz starting to look like I wuz growing an alien on my head : (

This is no fun.

Plus, peeples were stopping to tell my person that me has a lump on my head.

So, my person said, "It's gotta go Worm."

Two weeks ago, we went to the vets. It wuz my Dr. B. They gives me funny medicines which makes me pukes and then sleeps. I had 3 different cysts: on my forehead, my lower back, and my neck. I went under general anesthesia and they all came out.

Me got stitches on my head, and a few other places too.

Afterwards, I tried to wake up fast but wuz woozy. I tried to stand but couldn't. Finally my front arms were working, while my back legs were not for 10 minutes. It wuz weird.

My person says I wuz needy after my surgeree. I wanted endless pats from my Auntie M. Well I think I might deserve it, after my head AND neck AND back hurts so much.

I scratched my stitches out twice and scarrrrred my person into bringing me back to the vet twice. Ultimately, two of my stitches had to be reglued. Revenge is sweet.

Anyway, my person makes me wear bandanas and hats to protect my stitches from the sun. Me don't likes it at all & tries to remove these silly things.

My person says I look like Mr. Frankenstein. I prefer to think of myself as Harry Potter the hero instead, with the crack on his head.

Well, I am going to rest up more-- good nite, Worm

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Three New Sisters!!!


Sorry it has been sooooooo long. I hope to be writing more often now. Well, guess what??

I got THREE NEW SISTERS last week! My person says I needs to be awful nice to them, cuz they are very small and tiny. We got them exackly a week ago, and since then, our life has turned upside-down a bit!

I didn't know what wuz going on, we seemed to be getting new supplies in the house. Then last Monday, apparently the chickadees HATCHED out of their shells in Ohio, and immediately got sent on a plane to us out here in Caleefoorneea (how do you spell that?). They can live on their egg yolk (mmm.... egg yolks, they are yummers!!!) for 48-72 hrs before they croak. So fortunately, they made it to us in 24 hours. 

Last Tuesday, my person said: "Get in the car, Worm, we are going to the Post Office." The people at the Post Office were awfully nice and excited too! The woman brought the small box, and you could hear "chirp, chirp, chirp!" That was a relief, because that means that they probably made it okay. The person opened the box, and yup! there were 3 baby chicks in their, and they were moving around. A very good sign! They were shipped with a nice heat pack to keep them warm. Did you know that baby chicks have to be kept at 95 degrees during the first week of their life? I just learned that.

This is how they came in the post. 
When we got home, the person opened the box and out popped 3 chickadees. Those are my new sisters! We had to move them to our Hello Kitty box, where they would live a few days (before they spilled their water and soaked the box up... those chickees are awful messy sometimes if you ask me!). They had to be shown their food and water. Now that is a process that takes a few hours. Clearly, they don't have my hound dog nose, which would have quickly found the food and et ALL of it! No, instead they walk around and don't et or drink, aren't they silly? We had to show them, one by one, where the food was, and then where the water was. We were worried about them for a coupla hours there.

Trying to read the Hello Kitty box.

The Three Sisters

Then they settled in, and actually quite liked their new home. They gotta sit under a red heatlamp 24 hrs a day at 95 degrees, which makes me feel hawt! Especially in the midst of the heat wave we been having. (One of my Auntie M agrees with me about THAT!).

Under the hawt red heat lamp!

Well, then the silly chickies, kicking their pine shavings all over their place-- yes, did you know that baby chicks like to kick things?? And they spill their water, and then kick their pine shavings in the water too. So we moved them out of their cardboard box, into their Chick Condo. We will post a picture of that soon. 

My person says I gotta be very gentle with them. She also said "please don't et them Worm." Me says "okay." They confooouse me a little, cuz sometimes they are kinda skittish and unperdictable. But my person says I should get to know them. So I let them climb on me sometimes, ya see?

I let them climb on me. I try to be a good brother.

See how small they are!

All right, well I will send more updates soon. 

Hope everyone is doing well. Signing off, Worm

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Re-entering the Blogosphere!!

Hi Everybuddy!!

It's me, Worm!! HELLLOOOOO!!!

Oh gosh I have not written an entry in a loooong time. Not since Easter this year, apparently. Where has I been? Well, I've gone thru some health stuff (I hurt my arm), so I have been rehabbing the past coupla months.

And before that, I guess I was doing different things:
I wuz snoozin' a lot

I tried to help my person do laundry, but I fell asleep though.
I played on the beeeach with my buddies.
Well, that last one got me in trubble this summer, as I'll soon tell you the tale of my ails.

But anyway, for now, I just want to say a big 'hello!' and that I've missed everyone. I have lots to write about, to catch you up on adventures from this year.

                                                   I will write again very soon,

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bunnies and Bonnets Easter Parade

Hi Everyone!!

Hope ya had a good Easter weekend. Mine was full of activity, and on Saturday, there was the annual "Bunnies and Bonnets" Parade in downtown Campbell.

Golden Gate Basset Rescue is in it, so I marches with all my basset hound buddies. We went last year and it was so beautiful and fun! This year, I brought along my new pal Mr. Bo and his person, my Auntie Melinda, who rescued him last September.

There were around 30 basset hounds in all; it was a great group and we all had fun marching down the blocks and saying 'hi' to lotsa kids sitting on the sidewalk. They seem to like to pet us and we are about their height. I wuz good this year and I didn't steal any food from them. The weather was lovely, methinks rain was in the forecast, BUT it didn't end up raining on our parade! Instead it was overcast the whole time, which is a lot nicer to be in when you're a basset hound. I remember the sunny parades, and those can be hard on us 'cuz we have a tendency to overheat!

This is a FANCY parade where a lot of bassets come dressed up. (Last year I just wore my 49er's shirt, I learned my lesson!). This year, my Auntie Melinda had given me this nice black sweater for Christmas, and she also has one for Mr. Bo. So Mr. Bo and I dressed up in our sweaters and bowler hats. We were trying to look gentlemanly, I dunno if we succeeded?

This is my pal Mr. Bo.

Here we are trying to pose: Bo is very happy but I'm giving my 'evil eyes' look.

Here we are in our matching outfits.

We sure are double trubble!!

 Big thanks to GGBR, the basset rescue, Auntie Gwen, Addy, and Lina, and others for organizing this fun event! Sorry my pal Daisy and her person Carol couldn't make it : ( We had a nice lunch afterwards at the Sonoma Chicken Coop, where I fell asleep at the table. Then it was off to Agility practice for me!

Well, that is my report. Lotsa pictures to follow from the parade. I loved all the outfits and costumes that my fellow bassets wore!

Love this tongue picture.

Prepping for the parade.

What lovely flowers on a lovely houndie.

Saying 'hi' to my buddy!

More meeting and greeting...

Nice bassets.


A flat basset... and the parade hasn't even started yet!

Ms. Madden, winking at us. She had glaucoma and that is why she is always winking! She's a good girl.

Ms. Sasha, she is lotsa trubble too, like me and Bo! We got good tongue shots today...

Sweet Ms. Teddi and her pink bunny ears.

Ms. Madden getting pets from a girl. Do you like her bone-shaped marking?

Looking a little unsure of all this, but she definitely has the bonnet thing going!

Another wink from Ms. Madden.

The three Dossey gals: Ms. Teddi, Ms. Madden, and Ms. Sasha.

This is little Ms. Jess. She is doing very well after recovering from mast cell tumor treatment.

What a wonderful vest his person made for him!

By the end of the parade, I wuz tired and had to lie on the sidewalk a bit.

Becuz it was Easter, I got to eat an egg when I got home.

Yummy! an entire egg just for me.

Hope to do it all again next year,