Saturday, January 21, 2012

Football Stuff

Today, I am getting ready for the big football game on Sunday. The San Francisco 49ers are playing the New York Giants. Yikes! It is NFL Playoffs and whoever wins gets to go to the Superbowl. I am crossing my paws and crossing my ears!

I do like to root for my home sports teams. and what can I say? Football is fun to play and fun to watch. The San Francisco Bay Area is buzzing with excitement about the Big Game! It promises to be a wet, rainy, muddy, slippery game tomorrow, that's what the weather forecast says right now.

Melikes football. Well, melikes to chews the football, I guess I should say.

This is how excited I am about the Big Game!!!

I got a new shirt today to show my support for the 49ers. 

Ready for my close-up.

Go 49ers!!!!

In other news, today is my Auntie Melinda's barfday!! She is one of my 3 Auntie M's. We spent the morning  and lunchtime celebrating with her. And who knows? there may be more surprises in store today. I wished her a Happy Barfday and told her I hope she doesn't end up barfing like I dids on my barfday.

Happy Barfday, Auntie Melinda!!

Auntie Melinda feeding me & Lang treeeeats at the beeeeach!

I'm still all crossed up waiting for the game tomorrow.... so excited... and nervous....!

Does anyone have any predictions about this game and who will win? If so, please tell me...

Go 49ers!!! Arrroooooo!!! Good luck tomorrow!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Skinnies

Hiya Pals,

Some of you may know that I have been having a case of "the Skinnies," since Thanksgiving. I am getting bettah now.

Well what happened was that my bad person gave me lotsa yummy things to eat Thanksgiving. I et Roast Pig & Cheese Fondue, all in one day. Uh oh! That night, my tummy was very upset! Everything came up and onto the bed in the middle of the night.

I didn't get to eat for 3 days after that. Then I et chicken & rice diet for 2 weeks, as my tummy was upset on & off. And I didn't drink water for 2 weeks, though that may be because I was off my usual kibble. I got checked for pancreatitis & worms, but everything came up negative.

Well, the bottom line is I lost ~4-5 lbs, which is a lot of weight for me! So, I got "the Skinnies." See?

Yeah, so skinny! But I am happy to say that now I have gained a lot of the weight back over the holidays. My meals increased from 2-3 meals/day to 3-4 meals/day. Yummers!

And, I have to share a wonderful find from one of my favorite stores, Trader Joe's: 

Mini Burger Patties! Aren't they cute??? I'm almost done eating my first package of them~ I get one every night. They taste great!! And they are helping me gain weight again. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy News Ears!!

Happy News Ears, Everyone!!

Mehopes you had a good News Ears Eve. Some of my basset hound pals had some trubble with the noise & firecrackers & guns going off. It can be a hard time of year when you got sensitive ears. Well, around here, something went off at midnight, either a gun or firecracker my person tells me, but it did not bother me a bit cuz I was sound asleep.

Today is a beautiful day with lotsa sun... it is actually HOT here. I took a walk around noontime and wished I had my Doggles cuz the sun was so bright.

I think News Ears has something 'bout gettin' new ears, and that would be nice for me. My left one is fine, but my right one has some jagged edges on it. Well, my pal Annie O. assures me I looks fine, so maybe I am just being too self-conscious!

Since it is the News Ears of 2012, I got a baff yesterday, and today, I gots my ears cleaned, my teef brushed, and eyedrops in my eyes. We are in desert climate so it is hot & dry here. I can't say I care for any of those things, but I guess I do feel kinda nice & clean & new now.

How was everyone's News Ears Eve & Day?
It's weird to be in 2012 already!!

My visit to GrandMaw's & GrandPaw's is drawing to a close & we have a long car ride coming up soon. At my GrandPaw's place, there was another doggie visitor, a mini dog named Minnie. She weighs ~6 lbs and is 15 years old! She is very well-behaved, and my GrandPaw's say she is more behaved than me!! Hmmph. Sometimes I feel jealous about that.

Feeling a bit jealous of this Minnie mouse doggie. Tho I gotta admit she is cute, esp in her blue sweater.

Fell asleep next to Minnie. 

Here's a nice close-up of mini Minnie.
I weigh 9x as much as she does!!

Happy News Ears everyone!