Monday, December 5, 2011

I Get Love From... #2: my 3 Auntie M's

Hi Friends,

I want to introduce you to my 3, yes that is THREE, Auntie M's. That's a lot, isn't it? Almost fits on one paw. They are kewl peeples who watches over me and gives me luvs & treeeats.

(1) The first Auntie M. allows me to live with her, and I wrote about her in my first "I Get Love From.." post. It was one of my first posts on this blog, in case you want to read more about her. She makes me very happy because she is so nice to me. She plays with me alls the time. I likes to run over and jump on her bed. She tolerates it even though my basset hair gets all over her sheets (well actually, she has a sheet that's just for me). I also like to bring my toys, one by one, to her room and create a toy stash! it is fun. Auntie M. shares her food and meals with me a lot, and that is one of the top reasons I luvs my Auntie M!

She also plays with me when I have to be in my crate, and she even takes me out for piddles outside, like today, when my person can't. She is so nice, mewishes you could all meet her.

Here's a reminder of my Auntie M. & me:

(2) My second Auntie M is Auntie Melinda. She spotted me waiting in front of the grocery store. She was sad, sad because she was about to lose her basset hound Nibbles : ( Nibbles went to the Rainbow Bridge soon after, earlier this year. And Auntie Melinda often tells me "Nibbles sent you to look after me." Because I was a bouncy energetic boy, who has lots to say when I play, and I do the silliest things, I took her mind off of losing Nibbles & I can make her smile and laugh, even through the hard times.

She shares a lot of basset wisdom with us, like lending us "The Basset Hound Owner's Survival Guide." I'm my person's first basset hound, ya know.

Auntie Melinda showers me & spoils me with lots of gifts, toys, treats (only healthy ones-- actually, it's mainly carrots most of the time), hugs, kisses, & lotsa affection. She is very, very nice to me and I love her!
She gave me a singing birfday cake & a backpack full of goodies for my birfday this year. 

Feeding us basset hounds on the beeeach. 

She has treeeats wherever we go!!

(3) My 3rd Auntie M is Auntie Em. I visits her about once every week or two, and she is very, very patient with me. Even tho I barks a lots & makes lotsa noise. She says I have a nice baritone voice. She is lotsa fun!

Auntie Em took this picture of me, which we love. We made it "artsy" for my gift bags at my birfday partee.

Getting a hug from Auntie Em.

Auntie Em is very kewl & very talented too! Here is her website if you want to learn more:

So friends, those are the 3 Auntie M's in my life! They are all very special peeples to me, and I loves them a lot. I'll probably talk about my Auntie M's here on my blog, so I wanted you to know who they are.
                                                 Your friend,


  1. It's nice to hear about your friends Wormie! Friends = treats :)

  2. Aunties are the best!

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. Oh Worm, you have wonderful Aunties! Thank you for telling us about them.