Sunday, July 13, 2014

1 Month Old Sisters

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would post an update about my new sisters. The latest pictures are from when they are a month old, they are more like 6 weeks old right now. We will have to take updated pictures and maybe even a video!

Well, they graduated out of their box, and now they live in birdcages. I will do another post on that. First their names were April, May, & June. Then we got additional input from friends, and they are called April, Apple, & Amelia, and the months are now their middle names.


Baby April

Now April has these cool leopard spots

April now in an awkward stage.
April: April is an "Easter Egger" type of chicken, or what I'd call a chicken mutt. They don't have a specific breed. But they are popular because of the color eggs they lay; we were told that April could lay blue, green, or rose colored eggs! We will have to find out in about 6 months. April is definitely an alpha kind of gal. She likes to be boss. She is pretty wild and adventurous. As she gets older though, she starts to get a little flighty, and not as relaxed as the other two.

Baby Apple doing what we call "chicken yoga"

Close-up of Apple and her new comb coming in. 

Apple is in front and Amelia is behind her. They are the same type/breed of chicken.
Apple June: She goes by "Apple." She is the largest of the bunch! At first she was a little flighty and not as trusting and easy to handle. But as time has gone by, she is growing up to be more and more calm, which we like a lot. She is a nice gal. She is a "Welsummers" breed of chicken, and will grow up to be a lovely brown chicken. A fun fact: Cornelius, the chicken on the box of Kellogg's Cornflakes, is a handsome Welsummers rooster. Welsummers hens lay dark chocolate brown eggs. However, sometimes they turn out lighter, so we will see. Also, sometimes the eggs are speckled! I sure hope so!

Baby Amelia and me

Amelia on the person's hand

Front view of Amelia
Amelia May: Amelia is the runt of the group, the smallest from day one. However, she has been catching up in size to the other two, which is good. She is also a Welsummers chicken and should also lay a dark brown egg. My Auntie M handled her a lot when she was a baby, so she has always been the calmest and friendliest and seems to like interactions with humans the most. She is very cute. I let her stand on me sometimes.

Chickens continue to be amooousing. However, as they have grown up, they are getting flappier and that scares me a bit sometimes. I don't know what I think sometimes. Sometimes I retreat to the back of the house when they are being too obnoxious and flappy.

Well, that is the update here. I am training for my Agility Trial this weekend, and will let you know how that goes!