Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birfday Parteee Pics!!!

Thanks, everyone, for coming out to my Birfday Parteee!!!
I had a very good time, though I got a swelly belly from eating all the partee food. I went #3 all night long. (I'll be explaining this numerical system in a future post).

In my birfday suit and my birfday hat. 
Here's the report:
In short, nothing went as planned! It was gonna be from 4-7pm, but guess what? it went on until the sun finally set at 9pm.

My peeples were quite disorganized so we were still setting up at 4pm. Luckily, we had lotsa help from my doggie friends and their peeps. Thanks for all your help, everyone!! Roxy, esp, has wonderful family, including Reid and Danielle, who helped us soooo much!

We had 20+ doggies, and 40-50 peeples at the partee. We had some partycrashers too, including a neighbor we never met before...!  : O We got in trubble for being too loud (barking, esp me), but it was ok, we didn't have to shut the partee down. 

Uncle Ted, Aunt Judy, & Lang

Sending lots of kudos and drool to Lang, the golden retriever, and his peeples, my Uncle Ted & Aunt Judy. Uncle Ted is awesome!!! He put on the wonderfullest BBQ at the partee. We had ribs of all varieties, including Southern style and Asian style. Mmmm mmm. yum. He's a pro at BBQing ya know. My Aunt Judy made macaroni salad and helped out a lot too. Lang, you have great parents!

The doggie pinata fittingly got taken over by bassets.

My pal Wilma was able to wrestle it away from everyone. It's a Worm pinata!!

HUGE Dalmatian pinata, courtesy of my chocolate lab pal Kodi. I fit inside this thing!

Neighborhood kids playing with the pinata with peeple candy inside.  They are hitting the baby dalmatian pinata.

I gotta birfday cake cookie.

ok, now on to partee preparations...

Making my birfday cake. Thanks, Bowsah, for giving me the recipe for this delish cake!! It has: wet dog food, middle layer of bananas, outside is vanilla yogurt. Then we froze it. 

This is how it looked before the letters went on it.

My artsy Worm photos were used for the doggie bags.

Doggie bag for the doggies

After the BBQ and cleanup, we headed over to the park, where we stayed until sundown. We played a few games, but didn't get through even half the ones we had planned!! Nor did we eat my birfday cake.

So... we got to have Part II of the Birfday Partee the following Monday at our usual Evening Playgroup... stay tuned for that report...

All in all, I found that I really like birfday partees!! I tried to talk my person into maybe having one monthly, instead of just once a year. I'll let you know how it goes  : ) 

                                            Good night, friends.