Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Santa...

Hi Everyone,

Whew! We are deep into the holidays now, aren't we? How is everyone doing, are you surviving the holidays so far?

Well, there is one thing I wanted to do, which was to support Macy's pledge in giving to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, because that foundation is very kewl. Have you heard of it? It tries to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening or terminal illnesses. I have heard several kewl stories about the types of wishes they have granted. Here's their website:

I am a rein-dog. Look at the silly thing on my head that my person has me wear.  It is Rudolph with a red nose in the middle of my forehead.
For every STAMPED letter that Macy's receives in their Letterbox, located in their stores, they will donate $1, and up to $1,000,000 to the foundation! Wow, that is quite generous, methinks. Here are their websites that explain. It's quite an artsy and beautiful site to look at, so have fun with it:

Here is my "Dear Santa..." letter

Here I am writing my letter inside the Macy's store. 

SO, friends, I went to Macy's and wrote, stamped (ummm, we forgot about the stamp the first time, so had to come back), and mailed off my letter to Santa! And I encourage everyone else to do the same! Because I'm looking at their site and it says they have received 864,000 letters as of today. That means they could use more letters! Come on, everyone, write some letters! Let's make it a million letters, ok? Wouldn't that be great?

Here is the mailbox inside the store that you put the letters in.  Don't forget to bring a stamp  and put it on your letter! (we forgot the first time)

Another reason I love Macy's is because I'm allowed to go in it when my person shops!!! That is SO great. We must tell them that is a wonderful thing & that they should allow more of their stores to do this. It allows me to go with my person when she shops. Now, on the other hand, I must admit I'm not the fondest of shopping; you know, because I'm a boy and boys don't like to shop that much. BUT... I DO like to go where my person goes!

Last week, I went with my person & my Auntie M (Melinda) to Macy's. I wrote my letter & helped them shop too. It's a long story, but I have had a case of the "skinnies" and being under the weather. I wasn't allowed to go to the dog park anymore, so shopping allowed me to be more low key but still be able to get out, so that was good.

Shopping at Macy's

Doing my rounds and finishing my inspections

You know, boys just do NOT like to shop. I needed to lie down after awhile. 
I'm curious to know how your Christmas shopping is coming along?
                                                With good cheer, Worm


  1. So do all Macy's allow fur-babies in them. We have a Macy's in Illnois but had no idea we could go shopping there. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Hi Winston & Aimee~ ya probably gots to ask them & see what they say. In San Francisco and some of the cities her in the SF Bay Area, they passed ordinances or something that said that us dawgs HAVE to be allowed in stores that don't sell food-- isn't that great??? meloves it! i thinks there should be more like that.

    haha, if they say 'no' ya should tell them 'bout me here in the SF Bay Area!!

    we never go to the chichi stores like Neiman Marcus etc, but doesn't it always seem like there are peeples & their small fluffy dogs in them? or is that just on TV?

  3. A case of the skinnies? Poor Worm! You need more peanut butter. I wish your mama lots of luck getting you back to your fighting... er... dog park weight! We like your hat too! Fergus hates hats, but he thinks yours is great!

    Merry Christmas and lots of woofs from Fergus and Cassidy.

  4. Hope u had a great Christmas, Fergus & Cassidy! yeah, i lost ~5 pounds recently, but i's on the mend now. gained a lot of it back. thanks for the compliment on my hat~ methinks my person likes it more than i do, haha.