Monday, November 21, 2011


"FAME...I'm gonna live forever...." la-la-la...

Guess what, friends??
OK, you might never guess, so I'll tell you...

I got famous recently!

I was named a famous basset hound on my pal Rosco's blog "Jowls of Fury." Every Friday, he has something called "Famous Basset Hound Friday," and he features one basset hound. Couple weeks ago, that was me, me, me! Here is a link to the post:

 Do I look like a moviestar yet or like I can be in 'picture shows?'

...ok, my person just told me, "Don't get a big head, Worm. Your big basset head is big enough."

OK fine. My pal Molly McFrecks was also recently a Famous Basset Hound, too. And let me tell you all about "Jowls of Fury." It is written by my pal Rosco Puppyman (hey, thanks man!), but actually, his whole family blogs on the site. Here's an intro to their household. Scroll down and read their "First Post:"

Since then, they got another basset hound named Breezy. Layla is also a nice gal, too, and she wears lotsa kewl outfits. The cats do NOT like the dogs, and they blog about.  It is funny to hear their gripes.

Check out "Jowls of Fury," I love reading it myself!