Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy News Ears!!

Happy News Ears, Everyone!!

Mehopes you had a good News Ears Eve. Some of my basset hound pals had some trubble with the noise & firecrackers & guns going off. It can be a hard time of year when you got sensitive ears. Well, around here, something went off at midnight, either a gun or firecracker my person tells me, but it did not bother me a bit cuz I was sound asleep.

Today is a beautiful day with lotsa sun... it is actually HOT here. I took a walk around noontime and wished I had my Doggles cuz the sun was so bright.

I think News Ears has something 'bout gettin' new ears, and that would be nice for me. My left one is fine, but my right one has some jagged edges on it. Well, my pal Annie O. assures me I looks fine, so maybe I am just being too self-conscious!

Since it is the News Ears of 2012, I got a baff yesterday, and today, I gots my ears cleaned, my teef brushed, and eyedrops in my eyes. We are in desert climate so it is hot & dry here. I can't say I care for any of those things, but I guess I do feel kinda nice & clean & new now.

How was everyone's News Ears Eve & Day?
It's weird to be in 2012 already!!

My visit to GrandMaw's & GrandPaw's is drawing to a close & we have a long car ride coming up soon. At my GrandPaw's place, there was another doggie visitor, a mini dog named Minnie. She weighs ~6 lbs and is 15 years old! She is very well-behaved, and my GrandPaw's say she is more behaved than me!! Hmmph. Sometimes I feel jealous about that.

Feeling a bit jealous of this Minnie mouse doggie. Tho I gotta admit she is cute, esp in her blue sweater.

Fell asleep next to Minnie. 

Here's a nice close-up of mini Minnie.
I weigh 9x as much as she does!!

Happy News Ears everyone!


  1. Happy New Year! Minnie is cute but you are super cute! Espescially your ears!

  2. Hi Wormie! Happy New Ears! Have a safe trip tomorrow. I miss you. Nice blog! Thanks for sharing your delicious canned food and for introducing me to your person. Let's get together again soon. Maybe I can come up to Northern California for a visit. I'll have my people call your people and make the arrangements for us. XOXO

  3. @Bassetmomma: thanx for the compliment!

    @Boomah: HNY, mah man!

    @Minnie: You r too funny! Yes, please have your peeples call my peeples and come for a visit!