Saturday, January 21, 2012

Football Stuff

Today, I am getting ready for the big football game on Sunday. The San Francisco 49ers are playing the New York Giants. Yikes! It is NFL Playoffs and whoever wins gets to go to the Superbowl. I am crossing my paws and crossing my ears!

I do like to root for my home sports teams. and what can I say? Football is fun to play and fun to watch. The San Francisco Bay Area is buzzing with excitement about the Big Game! It promises to be a wet, rainy, muddy, slippery game tomorrow, that's what the weather forecast says right now.

Melikes football. Well, melikes to chews the football, I guess I should say.

This is how excited I am about the Big Game!!!

I got a new shirt today to show my support for the 49ers. 

Ready for my close-up.

Go 49ers!!!!

In other news, today is my Auntie Melinda's barfday!! She is one of my 3 Auntie M's. We spent the morning  and lunchtime celebrating with her. And who knows? there may be more surprises in store today. I wished her a Happy Barfday and told her I hope she doesn't end up barfing like I dids on my barfday.

Happy Barfday, Auntie Melinda!!

Auntie Melinda feeding me & Lang treeeeats at the beeeeach!

I'm still all crossed up waiting for the game tomorrow.... so excited... and nervous....!

Does anyone have any predictions about this game and who will win? If so, please tell me...

Go 49ers!!! Arrroooooo!!! Good luck tomorrow!!