Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Birfday Partee Pictures

More pics from my birfday partee...

Leading the dogs through the cone weave...

Auntie Melinda taking all of us through the Obstacle Course. 

Close-up of Fudge & his partee Tie-dye shirt. 

Little Guy CARRYING a card for me... impressive!
Well, he is my teacher Mrs. C's dog. 

Sasha & I played a LOT on my birfday!

I mean a lot!
That's because we're both puppies.

Bassets running in the Running Race.

Sasha drinking beer... uh oh!
She's definitely not 21 yet. 


  1. Your party looks like it was a blast!!! Puppies everywhere!!!!

  2. Worm? Is that a racing stripe down your back in the picture of you playing with Sasha?? I hadn't ever noticed that on you before! Annie has one too :)

  3. Haha, yep, a racing stripe like u, Annie : )
    My Grand-Maw doesn't like it, and thinks I should be eating more egg yolks to get more nutrients, so the fur will turn black again. not sure it has anything to do with it but that means more food for me-- yipee!

    Thanks, Roscoe!

  4. Wow, Worm. Looks like so much fun!! Wish we could have been there. Winston would have eaten all the cake and I would have won the egg in the spoon race! I know I would have!

    Your friend,
    Molly McFrecks

  5. Looks like a great time, Worm! Fergus wishes he could have joined you! He likes to play and he likes to drink beer (only a little and he's not 21 yet either!).

  6. Thanks, pals! Yeah, I missed all my cyberhound friends from the forum at my partee... but of course, ur always invited. Fergus, if u come over here, it would be great to grab a beer w/ya.

    and yeah, Ms. McFreck's I woulda bet you'd a won the Egg race. plus, the egg is good to eat afterwards too.