Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birfday Partee-- Parts II & III

Hi Everyone,

Oh boy-- no post in a loooong time. Sorry 'bout that. We been busy w/summer vacations & camping (which I'll be telling u ALL about in the near future). Because I am sooo behind, I'm gonna be posting 2x/week, methinks, so look out for lotsa new posts this coming month. There's just so much to talk about!

OK, one reason it has taken awhile is because I keep lookin' & lookin' for my list of winners from the contests at my birfday partee, but me can't find it : ( I wanted to post the list. but that's ok. I have the pics of some of the winners.

So, we went on to have Birfday Partee-- Parts II & III-- on different nights, because we had so many games to play! Part II-- we finished all the games, & also the rest of my birfday cake. Part III was practice for the Obstacle Course contest. And... Part IV??? Well, Part IV is still to come! Can you believe it? But yeah, in the next month or so, we'll have another night of timing everyone on the obstacle course. Everyone got 1 practice night, now it will be time for the real thing!!!

Here are some pics from Parts II & III:
Egg in spoon relay race. Auntie Hiroko was taking me around. I was trying to make sure she wouldn't drop the egg!

Winning team of the Egg in Spoon Relay Race! Congratulations!!

The other team got them back by winning the Running Relay Race! Congrats!!

Todd & his Fred running the Obstacle Course.

Fred going under the table. 

Fred going over the jump. 

Auntie Hiroko & her dog Roxy. Roxy knows how to do lotsa tricks!!

The "Fudge & Wilma" show: Fudge likes Wilma, but Wilma's already with Fred, so she's always telling Fudge to "Bug off!" (Methinks she secretly likes the attention from Fudge, tho)

My Auntie Melinda & Wilma. 

Uncle Ted & Fudge.

Uncle Todd & Fred.

Me with Maggie & her family. Maggie was a big winner at the partee! She won the Grand Prize, for winning the Scavenger Hunt. She also won or placed in the Running & Retrieving categories. 

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