Thursday, September 22, 2011


I gotta confess.
I might be a spoiled dog.
The reason I think that is because I got more toys than I can play with. That happened because of my generous dog friends and their peeples who gave me lotsa gifts at my Birfday Partee.

Do ya see what I mean???

Those shelves were empty before my partee. They are still full now, and every week or two, I'm allowed to pick one toy or treat. I go in there and usually something appeals to me, so I pull it out and get to either play with it or eat it or both : )

OK, my long overdue Birfday Partee report would not be complete without an inventory of some of my fav presents. It was fun to open them, well, more like tearing the wrapping paper to shreds.

Auntie Hiroko, Roxy's Mom, MADE me a necklace made out of doggie treats.
wow, what skillz! here I am wearing it. 
My Auntie Anne made this gift wrap made of doggies.
Me liked opening it and shredding the paper. 
It was an alligator puppet chew toy!

This is the hugest bone cookie I ever seen. Also from Auntie Anne.
Here I am with Auntie M. 

Me gots not one, but two, musical birfday cakes!
Here I am eating the candles & making it sing... yum yum.
Next to me is a camouflage backpack filled with lotsa  things like wipes & poop bags from my Auntie Melinda--
it was very thoughtfully put together.

My pal Juliet made a card for me with a bone on it.
The paper is apparently made of elephant poop, I'm told later.
No wonder me likes to sniff it so much. 

Opening presents is a pretty fun endeavor. 

Presents from basset hound families were right on the mark: they knew exactly what I liked and introduced me to things that I love. Like this gigantic knuckle bone. Never had one before & me wouldathought it was too big.  Nope, I loved it & it kept me busy for hours. 

This was creative.
My pal Tara wrapped a bag of treats in this camouflage handkerchief. 

Sporting my new cami handkerchief.
It goes along with my other cami stuff, like my Doggles. 

This was the weirdest present I got, from L'il Guy.
First, it's a chicken w/no arms.
Second, it's wearing a wifebeater shirt & shorts with flames on them.
That being said, it's fun to squeak & play with!

This was one of the coolest presents I got from Ali, my bulldog friend.
It's an educational wooden toy.
My person puts treats in it, and I have to move the wooden pieces to uncover them in order to eat them.
Sometimes I get impatient & try to bite the pieces away. Never works though. 

Fun collection of presents from Kayley, my golden retriever friend.
I got a book called "A Dog's Purpose," which was a nice book for my person. It helps her understand me better.
That's why I like it.  

Somehow, I got really tired opening da presents.
Had to take a nap on the couch.
And that's the end of my report.
G'night, friends!!


  1. Worm, you are soooo loved! Maybe you should share some of your bones with me?!!! Enjoy all of your new things!

  2. Those are some awesome presents, Worm! That game looks fun for hiding treats!