Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Great Commission

Friends, I am sooooo excited to tell you about this project going on now... almost too excited for words!!!

See what I mean? I had to post the pic before I could find the words...
Well, this pic was taken by my Uncle Scott, who is so good at taking pics with his kewl camera.
He captured this at the right moment!

Now this is the part I'm SUPER excited about.
My basset hound pal, Mr. Hank, has a wonderful Ma who is extremely talented.
She is making a drawing of that pic of me. 

Here she is starting the drawing.
We loved looking at that right eye, especially, looks like I'm really seeing something out of it! 

Here's the most recent update to the drawing.
We got shivers looking at it!!!

We are sooouper excited about this commission drawing of me. Methinks Mr. Hank's Ma is sooooo talented. We can't wait to see the finished project, but also love getting to watch the work in process too. My person likes watching it 'cause she gots no fine arts skills whatsoever (those went to the other members of the family!). So she finds this all amayzing...!

Mehas to tell you about my buddy Mr. Hank. He is one very kewl basset hound. As a puppy, he had these cute bulgy eyes. But it was sad because a couple months after getting him, he developed severe glaucoma, and is now blind : ( No more eyes.

...But no matter, Mr. Hank has picked himself up, uses his sniffer everywhere, and except for bumping into things occasionally, otherwise lives a normal basset life. His Ma and family love him very, very much, and stand by him no matter what he goes through. They are committed to giving him a very good life, esp because of everything he's been through. We think that is wonderful and tip our hats off to them...!

Mr. Hank has a blog too: He's named after Hank Williams, the singer (that's why the pics of the singer). It's kewl to check out, because his Ma has posted other artwork she has done of Hank. So fun to look at! And it's got cute pics of Mr. Hank.

Hope ya enjoy these pics, everyone!


  1. That is so beautiful. She is very talented in deed. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Hank is a pretty awesome guy and we think very highly of his Momma for taking such good care of him. It's a good story there.

    Hank's mom is so very talented. I have a feeling she's going to get more commissions from the Basset Forum. Wonder if she's up for more work... I know just the picture!

  3. I just LOVE it! Worm, does your human cry when she looks at it? My momma cried when she got the hand drawn picture of about embarrassing...anyways, yep, Hank's momma sure can draw!

  4. AW! Worm, you and your mom is so sweet! I am having such fun with this picture! :)
    Thank you so much.

    Btw Molly, yes I am up for more commissions currently

    Hank says Y'all are real sweet, too!

  5. that is SO GOOD!!!!! I LOVE IT. jeez, even i want a copy of that drawing of worm! hehe
    And Hank is a DOLL and his mama is so sweet and wonderful for taking such good care of him!!! Wish i had money for a commission right now... i need to save up!!!

  6. Cindi, What's your rate? I always wanted to be a patron of the arts :)