Friday, June 27, 2014

Mr. Frankenstein

You might be wondrin' why I got this bandana on my head...

Well, 6 months ago, I got this flat round disk growing on my forehead. It wuz fine.

Then all of a sudden, it grew and grew.

I wuz starting to look like I wuz growing an alien on my head : (

This is no fun.

Plus, peeples were stopping to tell my person that me has a lump on my head.

So, my person said, "It's gotta go Worm."

Two weeks ago, we went to the vets. It wuz my Dr. B. They gives me funny medicines which makes me pukes and then sleeps. I had 3 different cysts: on my forehead, my lower back, and my neck. I went under general anesthesia and they all came out.

Me got stitches on my head, and a few other places too.

Afterwards, I tried to wake up fast but wuz woozy. I tried to stand but couldn't. Finally my front arms were working, while my back legs were not for 10 minutes. It wuz weird.

My person says I wuz needy after my surgeree. I wanted endless pats from my Auntie M. Well I think I might deserve it, after my head AND neck AND back hurts so much.

I scratched my stitches out twice and scarrrrred my person into bringing me back to the vet twice. Ultimately, two of my stitches had to be reglued. Revenge is sweet.

Anyway, my person makes me wear bandanas and hats to protect my stitches from the sun. Me don't likes it at all & tries to remove these silly things.

My person says I look like Mr. Frankenstein. I prefer to think of myself as Harry Potter the hero instead, with the crack on his head.

Well, I am going to rest up more-- good nite, Worm


  1. Uncle B, Auntie Z, & Cousin MinnieJune 28, 2014 at 12:43 AM

    Awwww.... poor Worm! I hope you feel better soon. We love you!

  2. O my Worm your like my 3 girls they all had lumps removed to one had 3 the other 4 and the little one just one and ythey where just like you it must be a Basset thing get well soon big love Marc and piccalilli tuppence and little lotty my girls think you look way cool and o so handsom in your bandaner