Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter is coming!!

Hello Family & Friends,

I am all ready, can you tell:

Me as the Easter Bunny
Easter is going to be here very soon. It wuz also a Good Friday today. We have lots going on this weekend!

It kicked off with Easter Yappy Hour at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay. That was a very fun event! It is a fundraiser for the Peninsula SPCA. There was an Easter Egg hunt contest. Though I didn't find the "Golden Egg," I still had lotsa fun. The 'eggs' were Easter Egg cookies and I et 3 of them! My person got mad at me when I et the 3rd one and then I just couldn't help myself... I et the wrapper too!!! it wuz just too YUMMY!

Well, I did et so many treeats that when I went home, I tried to et dinner, but then I barfed everything up. Yikes! Well, I think it wuz worth it tho cuz everything I et wuz delishus!

I wuz dressed as a cottontail bunny, and I had ears and a cottontail. Here are some pictures:

Top view of my outfit

Me looks like a sad l'il bunny here

Making LOTSA NOISE at the Ritz-Carlton!! I want everyone to hear me!!

On a mission here... I smell a bunny....

These were the Easter Egg cookies for the dawgs-- aren't they fabulous?
Eating the YUMMY cookie! So good and tasty I had to close my eyes!

Being a busy little bunny again...

My friend Mr. Bo came with my Auntie Melinda. And there is Bizmark the dachshund in the back.

Look at this wonderful spread!
Isn't the Fire Hydrant the perfect centerpiece for such a party?
So friends, do you have any plans for this weekend? I am going to the Bunnies & Bonnets Parade tomorrow and will have to tell you more about that. Then it's off to Easter Brunch on Sunday with some of my doggie pals. I am a busy boy!

Hope you have a good Easter weekend!!!


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