Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mish Mosh

Hello Everyone,

Since we so behind, I has so much to catches you up on!

Well, we found some random pictures to share, so maybe we'll start here:

My pal Ms. Annie Oakley sent me this scarf for Valentine's Day this year-- gee! thanks Ms. Annie!!

My ears kept getting dirty when I eat, so Mrs. Jowls of Fury  (see their blog listed on the side of this page) made this "Basset Ear Band" for me. Sometimes I look grumpy when I wear it, but in the end it does the job, and I can eat without a mess! Thank you Mrs. Jowls. Mrs. Jowls is my pal Rosco's Mama. 

Getting my nails done at Petsmart. It takes 2 to handle me! 

Naw... I am a good boy. See, I'm even yawning during my pedicure.  I don't love getting them done, but my person says  I must get them done every 2 weeks for 'good grooming,' whatever that means. But I do hear the basset gals like to be around guys with 'good grooming,' so I s'ppose 'good grooming' isn't a totally bad thing.

I hope everyone is having a good week. My barfday yesterday was fun, and my person's still waiting to hear the final report on me. We been so behind on blogging, that now we also gotta spend some time catching up on our friends' blogs too.... here's to happy reading...!!


  1. The girls seem to love you Wormie, keep up the good work. A little pain for so much gain. Wish I had a girlfriend to buy me swanky scarves :)

  2. Oh Montee, we gotta find ya a girlfriend!!! let's look together, k? I'll be your Wingman.

  3. What a good boy getting your nails done. Freddie is a nightmare when it comes to his! Happy Birthday to you!

    1. Thanks Bassetmomma! well, that's why we lets Petco do it : P she cannot stand to do my nails herself!