Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Barfday #2

Hi Everyone!

Well, it's my barfday today and I am turning 2 years old!

In my Barfday outfit, courtesy of my Auntie Melinda. 

I vaguely remember what a barfday is about, as the last one was a whole long year ago. I just remember liking it a lot. But somehow I remembered the dangers of eating too much (ya ends up barfing!), so today I am playing it safe. I didn't really touch breakfast or dinner too much today. But that also means no barfing today so far... 1 1/2 hrs more to go of a barf-free barfday... we'll see! I have been getting yummy marrow bones from my Auntie Melinda.

She also bought this Barfday outfit for me-- see? I am part of the basset "SECURITY" forces and also part of the "FBI," lol!

My person's not here to celebrate my barfday today with me : ( but it's ok cuz I'm with my Auntie Melinda and she's trying to make my day special for me. We had some pals over today to play.

2 years old-- I'm pretty much all grown up now! I'm a big boy... ! it's kinda nice to be grown up.


  1. Happy Happy 2nd Barkday Worm. Hope you get lots of snuggles, belly rubs and treats. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Thanks for the good wishes, Mrs. HoundDogMom!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. Happy burfday Wwormie. You iz one lucky boy having such an impressive wardrobe.

    Your pals Monty & Olly

  5. Happy Birthday Wormie! You're gonna catch up to Annie someday :)