Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mudder's Day!!

 Dear all Mudders (you know who you are!),

Today is YOUR day! Mehopes you had a very good day!

Mudders is an important job, so I want to wish all the mudders out there a:

I has to send out a special wish to my Grand-Maw, who is not nearby. 
Remember when you took this picture of me, Grand-Maw?
It was last year, when we got to take a 'Family Trip' to Lake Tahoe together.

We watched bee-you-tee-ful sunsets together every night there.

Grand-Maw took me on my first hiking trip. I went rock-climbing and yeah, I wuz a little scarrred! 

What a fun trip it was!! Anyway, Happy Special Mudder's Day, Grand-Maw!! Weloves you!!
                                                                --With love, Worm


  1. happy late mothers day

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. You're such a good boy Wormie remembering mudders day like that! Over here it was back in March and I made sure i gave my mudder as much drool as she could handle!

    Love your go faster stripe btw

    You pal, Monty

    1. March Mudder's Day, that is kewl! thanx for the compliment on my stripe, lol!! i think it does make me go faster!! hi five.