Friday, April 20, 2012

Asparagus & Me

Well, I realized I skipped right over Easter this year on my blog, and that's not to say that I didn't have an Easter. I did, see?

OH MY!! Yes, it's that dreaded once a year I hafta wear those bunny ears, that to be honest are yummier and more fun to eat, than to wear. I had to wear them for the "Bunnies & Bonnet" Parade, which I will explain more below.

We had guests over that weekend and they were all "dawg" peeples, so they loved on me a lot during the partee and I had a good time. The best part was that they all sneaked me foods like ham, and lots of other people foods... yummers! One of my Auntie M's made a big dish of brussel sprouts, which are my favorite, and I got plenty of those to eat. I ALSO tried TWO NEW VEGETABLES at the partee!

Aspari-gus and Artee-chokes
 I tried these funny things called Artee-chokes, and the partygoers fed them to me and said I liked it! My person wasn't so convinced, but she was so bizzy eating her own Artee-choke & hosting, she didn't have time to monitor me all the time. My other Auntie M (for Melinda) made a beautiful platter of Artee-chokes, so everyone could have their own. She spent all afternoon steaming them in batches!

I also tried a new veggie called Aspari-gus. Delish! Melikes those. But they had a great debate at the time... friends, do you think it will make my pee stinky like it does for the peeples??? Please weigh in and let me knows what you think! I don't want to have all the dawgs laughing at me at the dawg park for stinking funky-smelling pee!!

Another really exciting thing I did recently was go "KYACKING." There was an R.E.I. paddling demonstration here, and they brought out 'kyacks,' 'canews,' and 'paddleboards,' for everyone to try out! Well, my person & Auntie Melinda put me in the 'kyack,' and paddled me around the lake there. It wuz fun and a little scarry! Sorry we have not pictures from it... next time. I had to wear my life jacket, and I couldn't understand why I wuz in the middle of what looks to me like a Giant Water Bowl... peeples are strange sometimes. But I understand we might be doing this 'kyacking' thing again pretty soon. I'll keep you posted.

Now, back to the "Bunnies & Bonnet" parade. Methinks it's an Easter parade or something here in Downtown Campbell, a city near where I live. The basset group goes and we have a 'mini-waddle,' and it is always so much fun to see so many bassets. We are s'ppose to dress for the occasion, and you'll see below how decked out many of the bassets were, it wuz impressive!!

Well, my person doesn't really have skillz like that, and plus I told her, if I have to wear those silly bunny earz, then I get to wear my San Francisco 49ers T-shirt, and she said 'ok fine.' So that's why I ended up wearing what I did. I shook my head at the beginning of the parade and my bunny earz fell off-- yes!! My pal Dracula started eating them, from what I heard. And we got them back at the end of the parade route.

Anyways, here are some pics from the parade. It wuz a fun time, and it seemed like the crowd got a kick out of us too.

Dracula & his bowler hat-- lookin' dapper!

Look at this beautiful & fancy Easter hat!!

Plaid newsboy cap

Pretty Penny

Pretty Penny is a senior hound, so she got to be chauffeured down the parade route. She's got a nice Mama!     

Sasha & her family: Sasha & Madden have fairy wings, and Teddi is a flower.

Lovely Easter dress

Strolling down the parade route

More basset bunnies down the parade route

Workin' the crowd!

I hope you all had a good holiday this year! More catching up next time.


  1. Looks like you had a great Easter with a fun parade! Love all the costumes! :)

  2. Hey Wwormie, do you know that the asparagus you ate is what my peeplez call an afro-deeiac? The boyz in the doggy park won't be laughing' at your funny smelling' pee for long when the see how the gurlz love ya!

    Your pals look really cool, what an ace day out!

    Your pal Monty

    1. Wow! me didn't know that Monty! thanks for the advice and methinks i'll ets more aspari-guses from now on!!