Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Hope everyone had a good day. Here are some pictures of me at the harvest, lol.

Standing on a haystack at the pumpkin patch...

It is fun being around so many pumpkins!!

Some pumpkins are as big as I am. This one's even taller than me!
Well, we bought 3 pumpkins that day. If you look more closely at the pictures, you will see that the pumpkins are neatly laid in sections. This last picture is the large pumpkin section. They also had a small pumpkin section, white pumpkins, green pumpkins, all different kinds!

We got a green pumpkin for Auntie M, cuz that's her favorite color! We got my Aunt Queenie a sugar pumpkin since she likes to make pumpkin pies. And we got a bright reddish-orange pumpkin for us, cuz it wuz kewl looking. It is still sitting on our porch today, and we got it before Halloweens.

Well a sad but amusing tale about my Aunt Queenie's pumpkin is that we went to drop it off at her house and they live on a big hill. When we went to open the car door, her pumpkin fell out cuz the car was packed (we were coming back from camping and had all our camping gear inside). It rolled all the way down the street, made a right turn, and continued rolling down the street. Poor pumpkin!! It really rolled a long way. So long that we didn't even feeling like walking that distance, we drove instead, lol! It was laid to rest on the side of the curb, but it had split into 3 pieces-- poor, poor pumpkin!!! We picked it up and gave it a nicer place to rest in peace, instead of on the side of the road all undignified like that.

Anyways... the moral of the story is.... watch out for rolling pumpkins!!


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  1. Great pictures of you in the pumpkin patch Worm. Sorry to hear about your Aunt Queenie's pumkin, although I had to laugh. hehehe I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)