Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life is "Beau"tiful!

Hello Friends~ I have special news to share about one of our new pals, named Beau, short for Beauregard. Actually, methinks it is "Sir Beauregard." Here he is:

He is a distinguished, elderly hound who is ~12 years old!! Well, he has a sad story, because his owner passed away about a year ago. His owner was an elderly gentleman himself and loved Beau a lot. Life got sad for Beau after that because he went to live with his owner's relatives, but they were not "dog people" so he spent his time outside the house in a crate in a garage. He stayed there so long he peed in his crate, which is not good : ( We dogs try not to pee in our crates, and we tries hard! It is a bad thing when we decide to pee in our crate. It's sorta like wetting the bed. Not something anyone wants to do : ( But what're you gonna do if you really have to go and you have nowhere else to go???

So poor Beau, we felt very sorry for him. Fortunately these relatives reached out to our basset group and asked for help. And guess what?? My pal Rosco comes from a family of 3 basset hounds and a young couple who take care of them in Missouri. They offered to take Sir Beau into their home! And Sir Beau was living in North Carolina at the time...!! Crazy, huh?

So then they hads to find a way to transport Sir Beau across state lines, from the East Coast to the Mid-West, so they can come to Mr. and Mrs. Fury's home. And voila, they were able to! These nice drivers Nancy & Nancy drove Sir Beau to his new home in Missouri.

When he got there, they found he has huge tumors all over his body. They decided, as the vet recommended, to do surgery to remove them to make Sir Beau feel more comfortable. SO, he just had his surgery this past Friday and is recovering now. Here is his picture:

They shaved half his body for the surgery. They removed 10 POUNDS of benign tumors!! Can you believes that? I don't even personally weigh 40 lbs yet! Taking 10 pounds off is a lot for a basset hound!

Well, these wonderful Mr. & Mrs. Furies (I calls them that because they have a kewl blog called Jowls of Fury) paid for the surgery and also now have a 4th basset hound to take care of! What kind and generous people!

I has to also add that Mrs. Fury made me a "Basset Ear Band" to help me so my ears don't get so dirty when I eat and drink. We tried to pay her for it but she wouldn't let us!! She is so nice! Here is a pic of me wearing it (my person makes me wear it...):

So check out the Jowls of Fury Blog that has more details on Sir Beau, his surgery, and his recovery here: http://jowlsoffury.blogspot.com/2012/02/do-you-know-what-this-means.html. At the top right of that page, you will see an icon for "Beau's Chip-In," and if you wish to donate $$ to help with his surgery expenses, feel free to do that there. I can attest that Mr. & Mrs. Fury are wonderful folks and they have done a wonderful thing by bringing him cross the country to help him!!

Great example of how life can be so beautiful sometimes, because of the good people in it!

                                                Worm the Basset Hound


  1. Awww Wormie you made me feel all warm inside. Thanks for all your kind words.

  2. Wormie - thank you for writing such a wonderful blog about us!

  3. What a beautiful story. And I'm sorry but you look pretty funny with your ears in that band! hee!hee!

  4. What a wonderful story! I was also a rescued basset. My parents were so lucky to have rescued me! Can't imagine their life without me! I used to live in Canada and now I am living in Cape Town, South Africa (http://sandra-macgregor.com/abassethoundincapetown). Aren't our humans so lucky to have rescued us? And they think we should be grateful! Ha! Well, maybe a little but they did get us out of the deal, after all!