Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blog Review #1: Basset Hound Hank

Every now & then, you will see a Blog Review from me. I'll especially be doing this to show you my pals' blogs or other interesting blogs I come across.

I must start with my pal, Mr. Hank, and his blog:

That's because several people have been asking about him. You see, he's the one that did my drawing for me. My drawing is in the last 2 posts before this one, if ya haven't seen it yet.

Melikes his blog because his Ma puts up a lot of artwork she has done or is working on. It is fun for me to see the process! Also, he's named after Mr. Hank Williams, the singer, and there are pictures of him all over the background. Plus, there are adorable pictures of Mr. Hank on the site.

Recently, he's been out in his Halloween costumes: he's wearing 3 of them. Devil, Batman, & Skeleton. Funny thing is that I tried on 2 of those costumes just last week. He is soooo cute.

Be sure to check out his blog-- it is really kewl!! Especially if ya like art. Also, methinks his Ma is taking paid commissions, so let her know if ya want her to do some artwork fer ya. If ya don't know them & feel funny contacting them, just let them know that Worm gave you the referral.


  1. Hey Worm!!
    We are you newest follower! We came over to your blog from Hannah and Roscoe at the Harville Hounds! We will check out your friend you posted about today too! We look forward to being pals!

  2. Worm, should we write the reviews in your comment section?

  3. Hi Hound Girl, and welcome!

    Roscoe: sure!

  4. Aw Worm! Thank you for the awesome review :) And yes, I am taking commissions. I just put my email in my about me if you want to message me about any artwork.