Friday, July 22, 2011

Party Time!

Party time, y'all!!

Howd'ya like my party pic? It captures the festivities that are coming right around the corner...

My Aunt K, boy she has got skillz! She made this pic for me and made a bunch of "artsy" pics from a group of pics I had. My Auntie Em took this pic (see Blogpost #2-- that's the original), and Auntie K "artsified" it, apparently with this thing called a "computah." Thanks, Auntie K!

Anyways, I have a few more that I'll share with you here slowly-- don't want to shock you all at once!

Well, my REAL bday was earlier this week, and I told my virtual basset frenz about it. Here's the recap:

(Warning, not for the faint of heart!)
i started off the morning puking my breakfast up. yep, whole kibbles and everything. my person says she remembers the thread saying that some bassets get to eat the food they throw up  but she looked at it and just couldn't get herself to do it. it was too gross looking. Yep, a Happy Barfday to me. what a way to start. 

hmpf. so i was hungry the rest of the day. but later, my person made it up to me by giving me halfa steak for dinner. yummy. that has NEVER happened before. say, can we do this birfday thing every month, i wonder???

the doggie park people were nice that night and sang 'happy birfday' to me. Auntie Melinda brought small bottles of Martinelli's to celebrate. there was a brand new picnic table that Uncle Ted MADE..! i jumped right up onto it and sat on the tabletop. i got in trubble for that. but hey! that's where all the treats are. besides, I was told that ya get to do whatever you want when it's your BIRFDAY!!

Yeah, I really will look into making this 'birfday' thing a monthly endeavor, methinks.

Fast forward to today and I am living in Party Central!! party stuff everywhere. Here's a sneak preview: there is a 101 dalmatian pinata that is 3x the size of me. ummm.. i think i fit INSIDE of it... scary!

Friday, we are working on party stuff all day. whew! exhausting putting on a parteeee... ok, i better get some rest now.
                               --Peace out pals,

ps. I got my nails grinded today at Petsmart-- my person said, 'We better get that taken care of before your parteee, Worm"-- and the lady said, "He looks like a worm squiggling around!" Haha, who woulda thunk it??? I guess my name fits me...


  1. Have a fun time at your party, Wormie!! Your online friends really wish they could be there to celebrate with you. You're a cool guy!

    Don't eat ALL the cake...remember what happened last time you "overindulged."

  2. Wooohoooo! Party weekend! Have fun Wormie!!

  3. Happy Birthday a little late Worm from Fergus and me. I'm happy you have a blog- you always have the best basset-y insight.