Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday Plans

Guess what??? my birthday is coming up. Now, I've never had one before, so I dunno exackly what it's gonna be like. but my person says we'll have a parteee. yay! that sounds nice. I think i been to one of those before. at least we have those in our home sometimes and they are fun with lotsa peeples who pet me and gimme more food than i usually get.

Well, i made lotsa nice doggie frenz this year so far from different places, including: playing at the field down the street, "doggie park" frenz; in school at my puppy classes and puppy playgroup; my basset hound group; and the dawgs who live in the apt complex with me. so... actually, that is a lot of dawgs and peeples. it's turning into a big parteee. yikes! my person says, 'that means a lot of planning.'

so, we been workin' on the games part, and these are the games we have so far. Junior Olympics is for the younger dogs like myself. Senior Olympics is for the older dogs and/or for their older owners...

Relay race (person + dog running in teams)
Running contest (fastest time)
Retrieving contest (fastest time)
Frisbee contest or Sniffing contest or Limbo
Egg in spoon contest
Agility Obstacle Course contest

Sitting contest
Laying contest
Fetching contest

Scavenger hunt
Musical Chairs

Howling contest

Wowsahs! i am looking forward to it and i'm already starting to have doggie dreams about it. esp running in my sleep when i imagine being in the running contest. i can't wait!!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun Wormie!!

  2. Molly and Winston are excited for you and wish they could come to your party. Have fun, buddy!