Friday, July 1, 2011


I am SO excited! Today is the first day of my blog. 1st of July (my favorite month... because it's my birthday month) seems like a good day for new beginnings.

I'm excited you can join me here. I have so much to share about my life so far (in my one year of life), and to share my adventures with you as I go along my life. Welcome, friends!!

A big shout out to all my pals who helped me create this blog. I knew nothing, big fat zero, about blogs, much less how to make them. These are the people and doggies I wanna thank: Annie O., Molly McFrecks, Bernie, Woody, Rosco's Dad, and Jana... y'all are the best...! Ya helped launch me into the blogosphere!

2 upcoming events I am SUPER excited about:

1. Golden Gate Basset Rescue Waddle 2011 on the 4th of July. I'm trying to convince my person to take me to the annual Basset Waddle. It's far away and gonna be hot, hot, hot. But so fun because there are, like, 100 basset hounds there or so.

2. My First Birthday: it's coming up and my person says we'll have a party. I made lotsa nice doggie friends this year, and so we will be inviting them (and their people). So I'll keep ya posted on these events.

Launch Day is lotsa fun-- I wonder how I'll get to celebrate???


  1. Hi Worm,

    Lovely blog you have here. Molly McFrecks wants to know what day your birthday is. Hers is July 9...she will be 1 also.

    We will put your blog link on our blog...we are behind on all that now. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Hapee blogging Wormy! it's okay, sometimes ders just not that much to say, so i don't blog (my paws are pretty big for da keyboard anyway) but i'm gonna read ur page all da tyme!


  3. WellieWorm Aka Speedbump!! You MUST post the photos of you in the sensational sunglasses!

  4. Thank you, friends!!
    And Auntie Em, I will be sure to post that pic from the most excellent photographer...! aye, aye.

  5. Hello Wormington. Did you make it to the waddle?

  6. Hi Brian! yes, i waddled and got soooo tired. stay tuned.... i'll be writing about it here soon. hee hee, i like my new name.