Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Get Love From... #1

An awesome photographer took this pic, but more on Auntie Em later...!

OK. I thought I'd start with posts telling you all the people and dawgs I love and am loved by...

First, my PERSON.

Me refusing to get into the swimming pool during the Basset Games.  Swimming is not my strength. Well, actually, I never done it before, so I dunno. 

ok, she says she's not my momma, because I already have a 4-legged Momma. That is true. I love my Momma a lot and I look a lot like her (more than my Poppa). Back to my person... she is with me ALLL the time. We go for a lot of car rides and excursions and puppy stuff. Sometimes she kisses me too much tho. Hey, I'm a boy. Boys aren't into stuff like that, can you blame meeeee?


Second is my Auntie M. Oh yes, my Auntie M. loves me a LOT. And I quote, "he's been an ornery little fella today." That's the report she gave my person. Can you believe she said that about me, innocent me??? Hmmm. Alright, upon further reflection, maybe I wasn't so innocent. I tore up Auntie M.'s mail on Sunday. And when she took me out to potty, I flat-basseted all the way down the hall and refused to move. Hmmm. Ornery, yeah, I guess that could describe me, tho I don't like to think of myself that way.

Here is a pic of us having fun. That's my basset head making an appearance at the table. There's all these interesting things to look at on the table, who could blame me?

Auntie M. is very, very nice to me. She leaves me treats in my food bowl. That's why I'm always checking my food bowl throughout the day. Never know what you'll find! She has introduced me to brussel sprouts, kumquats, grapefruit, almonds... yum yum. I et them all. She gives me ice cubes to cool me off on hot days, like this weekend.

So yeah, those are the peeps in my household. They are friends from work. They are my roommates-- I'm the 3rd roommate here. Lucky me. More people to dote on me. **like**


  1. Thanks for introducting us to your roommates, Worm. You seem so loved. Why the long face? :)

  2. You have a good life, it seems. You're a lucky boy!

  3. Juliet is really mad her people haven't made her a blog. She's also really mad her people are making her miss your birthday partee. Juliet thinks your pics are really cute and you look very handsome.