Saturday, October 13, 2012

Camping: Part II. Poison Oakland!

Dear Friends,

This is Part II of a 4-part series on my camping adventures this summer. And I forgots to mention in my last post (my Auntie M reminded me!) to explain those purple things on my paws in the pictures. Well, theys are rubber balloon-like shoes & my person put them on me so that I won't puncture holes in their raft with my thick, sharp claws! They is funny things, kinda wrapped tight so water doesn't get inside, cuts off my circulation a bits if u ask me, but probably easier to walk in than other dawggie shoes since they are made of such thin material. anyway, so dat's dat, if you wondered what those things are on my paws....

Fast forward to September, when me wents on three, yes that's right THREE (!!!) camping adventures that made us sooo tireds but we had good fun.

First place we went to is a place called Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park in Santa Cruz. It is actually only 10 min away from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, if you know where that is. It is up in the mountain, amongst the windy roads, and is a very beautiful park full of trees and redwood trees.

The ONLY downside is that they say 50% of the vegetation is Poison Oak : ( So my nickname for the place is Poison Oakland:

Poison Oakland: it's 50% poison oak

Here's a closeup of poison oak leaves that are turning from green to red during the fall. Now you can't say you've never seen poison oak, lol, like we did! We were very naive to the whole thing. We had to stock up on stuff called "Tecnu" which is the soap you'd use to rinse if you happened to get poison oak. It's also supposed to be soothing if you do get poison oak.
Yikes! we don't wanna gets that! well, as a dawg, it doesn't really matter as much cuz I don't really gets affected. But as a dawg, I can get poison oak oils on my fur and then gives it to da peeples, and then dat would make them very unhappy campers!

We is happy to say dat we made it without any poison oak incidents... yay! But the downside is that I didn't get to do my usual sniffs or pees on the bushes and vegetation or anything. My person had to keep me away from all vegetation and anything green the whole time, which was a pain for me as much as it was for her.

Here are some pics:

Me in Poison Oakland. They made these nice clearings in the vegetation so we have a nice big spot to camp in.

Enjoying the outdoors

My person likes this pic of me

Tied out to a tree-- well, good excuse to lie down in the dirt, I guess.

Me with our tents, keeping a watchful eye on things.

Am I supposed to be on the table??? Noooooooooo!! I learned a new trick on this trip. Jump onto the bench and then onto the table and then I gets to be right in the middle of things. If ur lucky, there is foods on the table too!

I'm a bad boy standing on the table.

Melikes to hang out in the car on camping trips, esp when the peeples are bizzy. It's nice and relaxing, and I enjoy this view from the window.
Well, that sums it up! It was a good trip and we had lotsa fun. Sorry the pictures didn't make it the first time I sent this out, so we had to send it again.



  1. Clever idea with the rubber boots on your feet! I'm glad to hear you or your peeps didn't get into any poison oak but sorry you didn't get to do the pee-mail thingy there! :)

  2. You are a handsome and clever dog, Wormy! :)