Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Camping Frenzy: Part I

Hiya Pals,

Boy, it has been an adventure-filled summer for me! My person has really taken to this "camping" thing ever since she gots me.

We wuz quite the novices last year going camping, and slowly we has learned and built up our camping skillz.

In July, we went back to Yuhshemmittee (I still dunno how to spell dat place). Last year we went and stayed in Wawona, which is 45 min-1 hour outside the main drag. This year, though, we stayed in the heart of things in Yuhshemmittee Valley in the Upper Pines campground.

We went rafting this year, and got 2 big rafts to fit all the peeples and me insides of them.

Here me is, gettin' ready...

Me in front of Half Dome

Rafting with me and my Auntie M

Thank goodness for dawggie lifejackets, I say!

All dat adventuring makes me sleepy!

I made a new friend & her name is Bella! She wuz living in the campsite right next to us.

Here we is together. We gets along and so do our peeples.
Catching some rays in front of a tent.

I got some peaceful times in, too, laying in da dirt. It wuz nice.

Does anyone out there likes to camps too? 
I wanna hear ur camping stories!

Your friend, Worm


  1. Camping is tons of fun

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Hey nice to hear from you Worm. It sounds like you've had a wonderful summer with lots of camping. You life jacket is pretty cool! That's a great picture of you and your new friend Bella, I bet you had lots of fun with her. Thanks for all your nice comments for Freddie. We're keeping our fingers and paws crossed for his appointment on Thursday. :)

  3. Awww Wormy... We miss you! Camping in Yuhshemmittee was tons of fun!

    1. Thanks Uncle B & Auntie Z, we miss you too! let's go camping again soon!