Wednesday, March 13, 2013

San Francisco and the Pocket Opera

This past weekend, we drove into "the City," which around here means San Francisco. We are ~35-45 minutes away but we don't really go that often, so it was a treat.

We went to hear my Auntie "Em" ("Em" is for Marcelle) perform in "Don Giovanni," an opera by Mozart. Boy was she terrific in it!! Kudos and brava, Auntie Em!!! I almost jumped out the window when I saw her lol : )

She was singing one of the hardest parts, Donna Anna, and she was pitch perfect. In fact, this was our first time attending the Pocket Opera in San Francisco. We have heard about it for years and years, though had never seen it until now. Boy we wish we had before... it was really good. They have some fantastic singers. They also sing it in English so it makes it easier to understand.

Well the performance was in one of the most beautiful parts of the city. If you come to visit San Francisco, you must come to the Palace of the Legion of Honor. It's got amazing views of San Francisco, the water, and the bridge.

One of the statues around the building

Me looking at the fountain

Great view, huh?

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