Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sasha's Partee

Well, I have to wish my pal Sasha a Happy Barfday!! She turned 1 year old, and she had a big partee over the weekend and it was lotsa fun!

OK, so who is Ms. Sasha? Good question... she belongs to my Auntie Gwen, who is a wunderful person who puts together all of our basset playgroups every month! I belongs to this group called "Bay Area Basset Hounds" and they have playdates on weekends several times a month. Auntie Gwen is also a wunderful photographer and took these pics of me running on the beach, which are in the background of this blog. She is very good at photographing bassets! We are lucky to have such a talented photographer in our group.

Auntie Gwen has 3 bassets and they all came to my 1st barfday partee last July, so of course I had to come to Sasha's. Here is a pic of them:

Those are Sasha's older sisters Teddi in front, and Madden in back.

Here is Sasha last July, when she was just a puppy! We used to play a lot. 

And look... now she is all grown up!!

Sasha, the Barfday Gal.

Barfday Sign

Partee Hounds... there were lotsa bassets there! and that is Sasha up in front.

I came with my pals Wilma, in front, and Fred, behind her to the right.
They are the Flintstones!
My Auntie Melinda was nice to bring them, cuz their Papa was busy that day.

I got up on the Agility A-frame (my person makes me do that every time we come here).

...and played with Sasha too...
There were lots and lotsa basset hounds there, and that made it very fun!! I met a special hound named Snoopy who has the best aroooo we ever heard! He is so good at it, and did it 25 times, I think! Maybe he will teach me how to howl. Isn't Snoopy kewl?

We got Ms. Sasha a penguin costume, cuz her Mama is Auntie "Pen-Gwen" sometimes... !

Side view of the cute penguin! Mehopes she likes it.

It was a super-fun time with a lot of basset pals. Plus we got to eat all these yummy treeeats that Auntie Gwen baked and made for us, while we were there, and she also sent us home with some! I'm still working on mine now. She also made yummy baked goods for the peeples to eat too and they all enjoyed that as well.

Happy Barfday again, Sasha!! You're only allowed to misbehave once a year on your barfday and get away with it! Remember to be good the other days of the year or else ya gets in trubble. Take it from one who knows about trubble!
                                        Your friend,


  1. WHat a super awesome party!

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Happy Birthday to your friend, Sasha, Wormie, from Boomer and Biscuit! What a fun party, you sure do give neat presents!

    Snoopy is very cool; keep hanging around him, I bet he'll teach ya how to arooo! I only aroo when Biscuit barks at me. Sisters can be sooo annoying!

  3. What an awesome party Miss Sasha had!! Happy Birthday to her!