Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Meloves this thing called "daycare".... it is the best invention since, well, since hamburger patties! It is a great invention because it lets my person work a long, long day while I gets to play, play, play!!

I go to a place called Rainbow Bridge Boarding:

Here are some of my fun times there:

Basically, we dogs get to take over the house, inside & outside! Here are me and some pals sharing a seat together. Shea is the house dog. Melikes her cuz we have similar coloring : )

I DO like to plays with her:
Shea is bowing to me!

We have fun playing together.

And snuggling together too.  She is the Mama dog of the house. I tries to be a good boy.  

When my person goes away for "vacation," this is where I stay. My Auntie Deb and Kevin are the ones who run it, and it is lotsa fun spending the day with them. They likes us dogs a lot. They trained us not to bark and be noisy in the neighborhood. That is good, my person says.

Here I am being silly. I am under the bed and barking my big head off. I liked to do that a lot as a pup. 

Auntie Deb sends pictures of us like this to my person when she is on "vacation," so she can see what I'm up to.
Whatta clever idea. 

Rainbow Bridge Boarding is a kewl place! I like playing with the other dogs there. Thank you Auntie Deb & Mr. Kevin for taking care of me when I comes over for daycare and boarding!! When I stay there overnight, guess what? I get to sleep on the bed with them. Don't I feel lucky?

Every time I goes home from daycare, I am out like a light bulb for the rest of the night and also the next morning. My person says "that's great!" There's the saying: a sleepy dog is a good dog. She keeps reminding me that. I say whatever, I just likes to sleeps. Anything that makes me sleepy is good, methinks.


In other news, it is my pal Henry's mums barfday! HAPPY BARFDAY, Ms. V!! Ms. V is British but she and Henry lives in Arkansas. They are kewl pals who have sent me lotsa yummy stuff. When Ms. V heard that the moffs ate all my dog treats and dog food, she sent me a boxful of new treeeats. When she saw me with the Skinnies, she sent more food to me to help fatten me up. She is very thoughtful and has a wicked sense of humor too!

Here is a pic of Henry:
Isn't Henry silly? He is very flexible and loooooong. 


  1. Daycare looks like a lot of fun for you Wormie!!

  2. That looks a whole lot of funn!!!

    We don't have day care where I live so whenever I go out to the mall to get something, all dogs have free passes to stay inside of the house and wreak havoc.

    Henry looks like a beanbag baby.

    Huggies and Cheese,


    1. Oh that sounds like a lot of the fun for the dawgs, Haopee! in general, wreaking havoc is a fun activity : )

  3. We seem to like a lot of the same things. I really like your blog a lot and want to give you the Pawsome Blogger Award!

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  4. Wow Bentley!! that is kewl! thank you for this award. u r Pawsome!